Dear future Urban Air Market vendor,


Do you need to make more SALES to reach your goals for the year?


Do you feel like a designing MACHINE with barely enough time for running your business, let alone finding the right venue to sell your work?


Do you have fans on social media, some online customers, and even a few boutiques that sell your stuff but STILL WANT MORE?


You’re in the right place.


For over 10 years, Urban Air Market has helped independent artists and designers have record-breaking sales days, connect with wholesale accounts, and collaborate with other members of the larger maker community.


You can pull all nighters to make more product, plan out your display for weeks, and wake up at the crack of dawn to schlep all of your stuff for a show that actually brings real shoppers to you. The kind that are ready to buy.


Urban Air Market shoppers appreciate the value of unique, sustainable, local products. They go against the mainstream and choose quality over quantity. They are design connoisseurs and trendsetters who prefer shopping amidst the bustle of a vibrant community festival rather than online, at the mall, or from throwaway fashion retailers.


You can stop mailing out hundreds of look books and press releases with barely any response from retail stores. Instead, let those shop owners, bloggers, and fashion stylists meet you face-to-face.


You can find out if that new product or piece you’re working on is really more appealing to millennials or to your grandparents because you can actually see your target market up-close-and-in-person.


You can be reminded that you are part of a supportive, creative crew which feels pretty darn good after being cooped up in your studio for so many days in a row that you’ve started going a little bit crazy.


Urban Air Market is all about connecting emerging and established designers with their ideal customers.


I am proud to own and operate a design festival focused on eco-friendly products and ethical fashion that carries a certain San Francisco vibe with it everywhere it goes: We hug. We’re weird. We swear sometimes. We laugh a lot. We aren’t super judgmental or conventional. We realize the world is pretty f’ed up and part of our job is to help fix it, even in the smallest ways.


Sound like something you want to be a part of? I certainly hope so because I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ve got. Your creative business can’t be your main squeeze until you take the necessary steps to Make. Those. Sales.


Please don’t wait to apply. Each Urban Air Market is carefully curated with a limited number of booth spaces and we do sell out.

Apply Today

Thanks for listening. I hope to see you at the next show.


Danielle Cohen

Owner, Urban Air Market

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