A little Yelp from our sponsor friends!

A little Yelp from our sponsor friends!

There’s very few who have not heard of our popular Oakland sponsor – Yelp.

Yelp has been around for over 15 years as a growing business database for small and big businesses alike. Not only does it help business grow, it’s also been the no.1 go-to by user to check-out businesses in a new location or review a favorite coffee shop. So it’s no wonder, we were delighted to have them on board with us as our summer sponsor!

We had the opportunity to sit down with Emma W., Yelp’s East Bay Community Manager, and ask her a few questions about the best way users can utilize the Yelp platform in order to get discover and be discovered!



Q1) How can Yelp help small businesses like our participating makers get noticed by potential customers?

Yelp connects people with great local businesses! Creating or claiming a Yelp business page is one of the easiest ways potential customers discover your brand (and it’s completely free!). We offer a slew of free tools for business owners, such as providing your contact info, website, and business hours (which you can adjust anytime you’d like).

We believe Yelp provides a valuable service for business owners to market themselves based on the reputation they rightfully earn, and we’ve compiled a list of useful tips for them on how to do that effectively in Yelp’s Guide to Success.



Q2) What are best practices for using Yelp to explore new businesses and events?

We have just the thing! Yelp has a “Hot and New” search filter that will show you new and trending businesses in your neighborhood! It’s my favorite way to see what new shopping spots or restaurants are popping up in my community. We’re also testing out some exciting new functionality that will be announced soon. This new feature will totally revolutionize the way you interact with Yelp and how you discover your next go-to spots — stay tuned! Looking for local events? Head to yelp.com/events anytime to explore happenings near you (or upload your local event to let fellow Yelpers know what you’re planning!).



Q3) How does Yelp stay up-to-date with the growing needs of small businesses?

Yelp’s product team is always working on new features to help solve business pain points. In fact, Yelp has been talking to all kinds of businesses to understand how we can better serve as a partner to local businesses. A suite of products that have come out of these conversations is business page upgrades. If you’re just starting out, or haven’t had an active Yelp business page, products like Business Highlights help demonstrate what makes your business special and why local customers should work with you!



Q4) Can you tell us one or two success story examples of a small businesses that have grown with the help of Yelp?

Absolutely! So many small businesses have found success growing their brands with the useful features that we offer. Rachel, co-owner of artisanal eatery Homage, says, “Yelp has been vital to our success! It has put our restaurant in front of thousands of people in such a short time! Their public and free platform has allowed customers to share their reviews of our food quickly and easily and people are able to read insights from others and be convinced to pay us a visit! We have had customers from as far as San Jose who have visited because of Yelp alone. As an added bonus hosting a Yelp Elite Event was a simple and painless way to gain many new customers in a short time. Our business would not have been able to gain as much public attention as quickly as it has without the help of Yelp!”

The creative folks over at upscale jewelry brand, Melissa Joy Manning, agree: “As a small business, tools that open a dialogue between ourselves, our customers, and the population at large are invaluable. It’s so great to have a community that believes in shopping locally, and Yelp gives us the visibility we need to connect with new people who share our ethos.”



Q5) Where can Yelpers find out more about Urban Air Market in San Francisco?

Did you know the Urban Air Market has its very own Yelp page?! If you haven’t stopped by before, be sure to bookmark Urban Air Market on Yelp! And if you’ve recently visited, you can always share your experience and photos on their page.




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