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Spotlight: HEAD WEST Marketplace

2020 brought on an entirely new on-set of challenges for small businesses and marketplaces. And it’s thanks to our awesome maker-community that we were able to come together despite these challenges and keep this Bay Area small business economy going. In July 2020, HEAD WEST was able to restart monthly marketplaces at multiple venues with implemented Health & Safety Measures, and then pulling support from Urban Air Market in the fall/winter to end the year with hopeful cheer for our local entrepreneurs. Together in 2021, both platforms will be supporting each other through the re-opening + lifting of health orders, with a BIG announcement coming from both for 2022… are you ready?

In this same spirit of community and togetherness, we are happy to announce that Urban Air Market is becoming HEAD WEST in 2022, joining forces to bring you an expanded + elevated shop-small experience in more places across the Bay Area and Greater California!

Founder of HEAD WEST Marketplace and fellow-creative, Jimmy Brower, comes to us with nearly 8 years of small-business owner experience and marketplace management. In just a short time, Jimmy + community has taken HEAD WEST from a 20 booth pop up to an over 150+ Participant marketplace + Patron experience with music, food & more through partnerships and local support. HEAD WEST is a proud community, built by creative humans with immense passion, perseverance and resilience — and equally built for compassionate humans that care for their neighborhoods and local economy with a commitment to the handmade and sustainably-made/sourced movement. 

We are so excited for 2022 when Urban Air Market becomes HEAD WEST, adding to an expansive multi-venue experience for Makers, Merchants, Designers + Artists in Northern California, and soon beyond..

MARK YOUR CALENDARS: Urban Air Market is happening on Sunday, June 27th in Hayes Valley, San Francisco. Come support small businesses + brands! You can also hop on over to the other side of the Bay Bridge for HEAD WEST on Saturday June 26th + Sunday June 27th at the Hangar 1 Distillery in Alameda! Why not make a day out of it? See you there!

The Return of LIVE MUSIC

It’s our first time back since the pandemic and we’re thrilled to see all of our vendor friends in San Francisco | Hayes Valley.

We’ve got 60+ makers for our first SUMMERTIME show with all things sustainable in home decor, jewelry, contemporary art  PLUS new performances from Bay Area’s best brought to you by Trixie Rasputin. Here’s the lineup!

Schedule for SUNDAY 6.27.21




Gaby Castro is a San Francisco Bay Area-based singer-songwriter, instrumentalist, model, actress, and activist. She has released three studio albums and one EP of original music, performed nationally and internationally including in Minneapolis, San Francisco, San Jose, Nashville; Antigua, Guatemala; and Sydney, Australia. Gaby plays guitar, piano/keyboards, ukulele, mandolin, and hand percussion. She has studied contemporary voice under Angela Arana since July 2009, and holds a Bachelor of Music in Composition- Songwriting and a Minor in Music Business from McNally Smith College of Music in St. Paul, Minnesota and a Master of Arts in Music Business through Berklee Online and Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts.


An SF local of 8 years, Nate draws on an eclectic mix of funk, soul, country, and originals for acoustic shows. Primarily the lead guitarist for The Silk Road Truckers, Nate has spent the past few months in the studio with the boys recording a new album (shoutout to Lucky). Outside of rehearsals and studio time, Nate can be found at his 9 to 5 or bbqing in the backyard.


One Man Banjo. A one man show.

A ! 1manBanjo ! show is energetic, incites movement, dancing, the clapping of hands, participation & a couple of sing-alongs. Combines old time tunes in a unique rhythmic fashion which is a vibrant experience. 


Oakland-native singer-songwriter Jesse Loren Strickman is known for potent lyrics and powerfully minimal acoustic music. Annually touring the Pacific West Coast, Strickman has played everywhere from intimate cafes to outdoor amphitheaters and festivals. He’s opened for national and world acts such as Damien Jurado, CAKE, The T Sisters and many more. Emotionally charged vocals sail over jaunty acoustic chords in songs about personal love and the power of social change. 


An inter-generational band, Brother Spellbinder is the vision of Alzara Getz. As the daughter of rock drummer, Dave Getz, original drummer of Big Brother & The Holding Co. (Janis Joplin), she developed a taste for passionate music worn on the sleeve. She formed Brother Spellbinder with guitarist Jamie Wilson. Wilson was an early graduate from San Francisco’s School of the Arts High School and counters Alzara’s dulcet voice with a dollop of gristle in his vocals and a rhythm guitar that resonates with an earthy om.


Bio: Embracing the folksy pop of artists such as Suzanne Vega and Sheryl Crow, Aprylle Gilbert combines stirring melodies with words of inspiration, joy, and – at times –sadness. In a voice both pensive and sultry that often hints at an underlying self-consciousness, Aprylle takes the listener on a trek that is semi-autobiographical yet familiar to most of us. To that end, much of Aprylle’s music is uplifting and inspirational.


Skillet Licorice is the latest project from San Francisco Bay Area roots-music luminaries Elise Engelberg and Matt Knoth. The duo’s talents are showcased beautifully on their new self-titled CD which draws on their diverse experiences playing in numerous string bands over the years in a dizzying array of folk genres. Whether they’re playing hot fiddle breakdowns, slinky blues, sparkling banjo breaks, ragtime or dreamy waltzes the duo displays an impressive command of styles and techniques that comes from deep study and loving dedication to America’s folk traditions. With the help of their talented friends they’ve put together an album of songs that is essentially traditional, yet with a modern approach that is anything but a stodgy museum piece. Skillet Licorice is hot, sweet, and just a bit greasy!


Rachel Parsons and Jesse Strickman are friends from Oakland who love making music! They combine poignant songwriting with gorgeous harmonies over a backdrop of jaunty acoustic guitar. With some tasteful, light percussion and a sprinkle of harmonica these two put together a fun performance.


Linden Alley Stage

11:30-1:15pm Gaby Castro

1:15-2:15pm Nathaniel Pollack

2:15-4:00pm One Man Banjo

4:00-5:30pm Jesse Loren Strickman


Hayes & Octavia Stage

11:30-1:15pm Aprylle Gilbert

1:15-2:45pm Skillet Licorice

2:45-3:45pm Rachel & Jesse

3:45-5:30pm Brother Spellbinder

Recommendations from Women in Cannabis

Everywhere you turn there is another cannabis billboard, but most of the big cannabis delivery services are run by a bunch of dudes who see cannabis as a cash cow. At Sava, we’re a little different. Sava was built by a team of women who are passionate about changing the conversations around cannabis. We came into this industry with a love for the plant and a desire to keep the industry diverse – to hold a space for the legacy growers and makers who paved the way.

As a SF-based, women-, LGBTQ-, Latinx-owned delivery service, we want to see cannabis be less of a boy’s club and be more representative of women, BIPOC, and LGBTQ folks who brought this industry to life. We always make sure that 50% of the brands we carry are women owned and that 20% are BIPOC-owned, plus we offer a large selection of LGBTQ-owned brands. You can sort by all of these categories in our shop and decide which brands you want to support with your dollars!

Here’s a few of our favorite for minority-owned cannabis brands to get you started:

Cosmic View: Founded by a mother-daughter duo, Cosmic View was born in 2017 after Nicole suffered a devastating cancer diagnosis and her mother, Dr. Christine Skibola, fell into a rabbit hole of holistic health research. Their cannabis is sourced from a small family farm in Trinity County, and they’re known for their balms, hard candies, and tinctures. Try their Emerald Cup award winning Deep Down Athletic Balm, a pain relief topical with whole plant cannabis and complementary herbs.

Maat Apothecary: A Black- and woman-owned brand, Maat offers an artisanal experience with a mission of neutralizing the effects of systemic racism and harm from the War on Drugs. Their Infused Spiced Honey is filled with natural turmeric, ginger, and cinnamon to relieve inflammation and pain. Plus, a portion of every sale goes toward supporting restorative justice, poverty alleviation, and experiential wellness!

With a dizzying number of cannabis options on the market — edibles, topicals, vapes, sublinguals (what’s a sublingual, anyway?) — choosing the right products for you can feel overwhelming. We’re here to help. At Sava, we’ve personally tested every item in our store, and we don’t carry anything we wouldn’t recommend to a friend. We believe the best cannabis should be the best cannabis for you, and that there’s no one-size-fits all approach.

Take this short quiz and we’ll match you with products curated for your cannabis enjoyment. And as always, if you’d like to chat further, our customer service team is just a call away at 415-993-9973.

Try Our Favorite Products:

Sava founder Andrea started using cannabis to deal with chronic pain from an injury. For her, cannabis is part of an everyday routine that keeps her body balanced and pain-free without taking pills. When she feels like ending her day with a treat, Andrea turns to Drew Martin’s botanically-blended, low-dose pre-rolls.

Cannabis Content & Media Photographer Jennifer Skog

“Drew Martin pre-rolls blend smoking herbs with lower THC cannabis so you can actually smoke the whole joint. The complimentary herbs give these pre-rolls a smooth, delicious smoke that you will love! Each time I smoke one it feels like a special treat.”

Try Drew Martin botanical pre-rolls. 

Sava co-founder Amanda grew up in a cannabis-friendly household where her mother used cannabis instead of alcohol for relaxation. She also prefers it to drinking on weeknights and sees that as integral to supporting her health and wellness. Her go-to beverage is the Lime Basil Social Tonic, the brainchild of Sava and our friends at Cann.

Cannabis Content & Media Photographer Jennifer Skog

“This is my favorite way to replace an evening cocktail. Cann leaves you feeling similarly relaxed to having a glass of wine, with a very mild euphoria, and absolutely no hangover. Lime Basil is my favorite flavor because it is crisp, refreshing, and not too sweet!”

Try our Lime Basil Social Tonic.

Urban Air Market Holiday Show: Online

This holiday season, Urban Air Market has partnered with Shop Lit Live to launch our first ever Urban Air Market Holiday Show: Online Edition. Join 50 + of our favorite brands as we “go live” to share our newest creations and holiday gift ideas with anyone who has the app.

As an attendee, you can view different “rooms” to enter. Think of it like approaching a maker’s pretty booth space at one of our street fairs. But you know, inside of your phone. 

Each maker will be live-streaming their own video and discussing their products and process. Decide which rooms to enter and communicate (text chat) with your favorite designers in real time. It’s easy to complete your holiday purchases directly through the app and you’ll checkout from just one collective shopping cart.

That said, it’s always been a priority for us that our markets are about building community and more than just shopping. Read on to find out about the interactive workshops and DIY activities available to you during our virtual show and find our complete list of the participating artists, designers, and makers.

As always, Urban Air Market is a totally FREE event to attend, from 12pm to 2pm PST on Black Friday (November 27th) and Small Business Saturday (November 28th).

Please download the Shop Lit Live app to shop with us and:


Here’s a taste of what we have in store for you.

HIIDE: During Saturday’s show Lauren will be doing an in-studio behind-the-scenes preview of her Spring line. Watch for live illustrations, draping, and a sneak peek of some of her first samples.

White Cotton Rose: Bretton will write live custom poetry especially for you (based on your answers to a couple of questions). Plus the first person who buys a poem during the event on both Friday and Saturday will get one free poem (i.e. order one for yourself and a loved one for the price of one).

Yuriyasa: Learn yoga poses that will help with your post-Thanksgiving detox!

Fabula Tea: Kenny will demonstrate how to utilize a meditative tea ceremony to reconnect with your 5 senses and create an inner sanctuary that you can revisit over and over again.

Rosanna Diggs Embroidery: If you or a friend are just getting started with the relaxing hobby of embroidery, join the live Q & A Session with our resident expert. Check out her DIY Embroidery Kits, too!

Elka Herbals: Make your own salt scrub during Erika’s live-stream demo. She’ll also have all her product testers out to share.

Regenerous Designs: Unleash your inner artist and experience Alyssa’s live DIY kit demo to learn some creative ways to upcycle your textile remnants.

Stacy Wong Handmade: Experience a different virtual workshop BOTH days of the virtual market. Friday at 12:30p it’s Holiday Decorating with Jingle Bell Ornaments. Saturday at 1pm come learn about Stick Book Binding. Let’s do this! 

Virtual Holiday Show Participating Brands:

Want to know more about our product GIVEAWAYS? Check out this article

Vendor Spotlight: Atelier Prelude + Black Market Group + Minkara

At Urban Air market, we celebrate the focal point of sustainability through various talented vendors. We have three particular Vendor Ambassadors who we feel truly lead by example. To show our appreciation for their continued excellence, we wanted to share their stories and highlight their missions and contributions towards a social good.

The first of our Vendor Ambassadors is Atelier Prelude, a brand committed to sourcing the world’s softest, natural fabrics with a mission to promote sustainable and ethical fashion. Beginning in 2015, the San Franciscan label creates fashionable and timeless garments in the current era of “fast fashion”, where low-quality textiles are produced in bulk and designed to be disposed of in a relatively short period. To Atelier Prelude, quality clothing will always be superior to cheap clothing with respect to texture and comfort; reasonably so, as these are the two factors that are arguably the most important when discussing wearable goods. This brand places great emphasis on sourcing premium materials from around the world to produce beautiful pieces that will last long, feel great, and look amazing. One would not need to look any further than their signature cotton and cashmere to see that they meet sustainability guidelines by being officially certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard.


Our next Vendor Ambassador is The Black Market Group, East Bay based skincare brand delivering beautiful skin through products such as face masks, bar soaps, and moisturizers, all of which are made using natural resources. The brand is able to give back by going against the grain of cosmetics made through conventionally produced methods, which have been known to deposit chemicals such as BHA/BHT into the air and ocean. This is toxic to our environment and strongly contributes towards the death of aquatic species. In light of this fact, Black Market Group utilizes ingredients for their natural health and beauty products that are farmed and manufactured organically to ensure fewer detrimental chemicals are put into the air and water. Through this methodology, the label is able to give back towards consumers while still being mindful of the world we all reside in. Additionally, there are also many benefits of using natural beauty goods. One of their products, traditional African Black Soap, has moisturizing properties, anti-eczema/psoriasis applications, and active ingredients which will work with your skin to decrease redness, irritation, and breakouts.

Finally, we have Teresa Soler, a Los Angeles based jeweler who handcrafts unique, elegant, and lasting accessories under the brand Minkara. The name Minkara is a reference to the Australian Indigenous word for the “Silver Wattle Tree” (also called Mimosa or Acacia Dealbata), and is a tribute to the evolution of her creative process from influences during her time living in Australia. Inspired by nature and various cultures, Minkara utilizes a combination of materials such as Gold, wood, silver, copper, brass, gold, and gemstones gathered from all corners of the world. Minkara is conscious of minimizing the environmental impact of the jewelry making process, choosing to opt-in for the usage of recycled metals, found objects, and resourced remnants. If you are looking to up your personal aesthetic while also retaining cultural, social, and environmental consciousness, see for yourself how Minkara’s minimalist designs result in pieces that are both effortlessly stylish and truly outstanding.

If you are looking to experience the luxurious feel of Atelier Prelude’s curated fabrics, enhance your day/night routine and end up with silky smooth skin through Black Market Group’s cosmetic goods, or simply accessorize and elevate your look through Minkara’s specialty jewelry, then be sure to check out them out at Urban Air Market. You won’t want to miss it!

** All photos have been taken from Vendor’s respective websites **

To learn more about guest blogger Tony Nguyen and Hidden Fest, visit @nguyenynot @hiddenfest and 

Hayes Valley Beats

It’s almost time for our last event of the year and we’re bringing you the best local talent to San Francisco | Hayes Valley.

We’ve got over 150+ creative makers in one space with all things sustainable in home decor, jewelry, contemporary art  PLUS interactional activities, fashion boutiques on wheels and amazing discounts on offer from the snazzy neighborhood! All this with smooth tunes from bay area’s best brought to you by Trixie Rasputin. Here’s the lineup!

We can’t wait!




Reed Awakening is a cuddly woodwind trio based in San Francisco. The members are Brian Bosley (clarinet), Thomas Hill (bassoon) and Chloe Veltman (oboe.)



Frances Ancheta is a San Francisco based musician, singer/songwriter, and performer. With two albums to date and a third one on the way, she has been performing original music and her own interpretations of covers for the past 17 years. Frances Ancheta continues to reach fans around the world with her distinct and enjoyable musical style, described by many as “tropical new wave folk”, reflecting the eclectic sounds she grew up with as a Filipina American in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Stevie Q’Pons has many a brainchild. Miracle Fish is one of them. For people that love guitar, rhythm, quirk, and melody, this guy has your back. Stevie has played in many bands, including Dead End Boyfriend, Trixie and the Skates, and Maximum Poltergeist. Hailing from somewhere back east, he’s a maverick on the guitar, a lark on vocals, and totally entertaining.



E.G. Phillips is a San Francisco based songwriter who creates lyric-driven songs with his own special blend of whimsy and cinematic imagery.  He comes from a country called the Midwest, has a degree in Geography, and his favorites include Bob Dylan and the Kinks as well as Duke Ellington and that crowd. Phillips has been the “Songwriter-in-Residence” at Bazaar Cafe (September 2015 and April 2017) and a featured performer at San Francisco venues such as the Hotel Utah, The Lost Church, Neck of the Woods, PianoFight, and Cafe International. “Ducks With Pants” is the name of his so-called fake (and sometimes real) band.


An inter-generational band, Brother Spellbinder is the vision of Alzara Getz. As the daughter of rock drummer, Dave Getz, original drummer of Big Brother & The Holding Co. (Janis Joplin), she developed a taste for passionate music worn on the sleeve. She formed Brother Spellbinder with guitarist Jamie Wilson. Wilson was an early graduate from San Francisco’s School of the Arts High School and counters Alzara’s dulcet voice with a dollop of gristle in his vocals and a rhythm guitar that resonates with an earthy om.


Oakland-native singer-songwriter Jesse Loren Strickman is known for potent lyrics and powerfully minimal acoustic music. Annually touring the Pacific West Coast, Strickman has played everywhere from intimate cafes to outdoor amphitheaters and festivals. He’s opened for national and world acts such as Damien Jurado, CAKE, The T Sisters and many more. Emotionally charged vocals sail over jaunty acoustic chords in songs about personal love and the power of social change. 


11.15 AM – 1.15 PM: Reed Awakening

1.30 PM – 3.30 PM: Frances Ancheta

3.45 PM – 5.45 PM: Miracle Fish


11 AM – 1 PM: E.G. Phillips

1.15 PM – 3.30 PM: Brother Spellbinder

3.45 PM – 5.45 PM: Jesse Loren Strickman

It’s going to be a street fair experience you won’t wanna miss!


UAM Hayes Valley Scenes


Sustainable shoppers, Urban Air Market will be in Hayes Valley for the last time this year! We’ll be taking over Octavia x Hayes St. on Sunday, September 15th 2019 with the best artistry, contemporary makers, eco-friendly apparel and eclectic jewelry! We are the largest outdoor marketplace experience with 150+ creators + the sweet sounds of local musicians to fill the air AND an exciting mix of neighborhood wine and dine options to enjoy!


As always, Urban Air Market is a totally FREE pop-up street fair, on Sunday, September 15th from 11am – 6pm.





Get 10% off a custom-made watches by Bespoke Watch Projects

Watch carving and sgraffito techniques by Seoul Sister Studio and Freeborn Claywork

Get half-price off your candles when you purchase from Often Wander and return the vessel back to them for a refill!


Fashion on Wheels:







Aether Beauty

Alamere Designs

Amare Wear

Amos Goldbaum

Amy Kuschel San Francisco


Angie Chua /bobo design studio

Animal Instincts

Annachich Jewelry

Anna Monet Jewelry


Artistic Jewelry by PLT


Atelier Prelude


Basik Candle Co

Bathing Culture

Beam and Branch Co.


BENDY by Ashbury Skies

Bespoke Watch Projects

Bloody Girl Gang

Blow Your Succs Off


Bright and Beauty

Carly Foster Jewelry

Carmen McNall

Christiana Layman Designs

Chuck & Sam

Clever Hands

Codacraft Designs

Coffee n Cream Press

Cotton the First

Crystal & Gold

Cu Au Atelier


Cursive M Ceramics

Dear Archaeologist

DiamondL Leatherworks

Domey Pins

Drew Shanklin Shirts

Eden & Zoe

Eiar Candle



Eurca Distribution

Fiery Red Design SF

Focalpoint Home

Fortified for Health

Fractal Flora

Freeborn Design

Frolick Jewelry


Green and Gorgeous Organics

Groovy Frisco

Girls Curls and Jewelry

Hadas Kol Collection

Haight St. Shroom Shop

Hana Moriah

Hannah Frost Jewelry

Hatbitual/ Friends of Friends

Hilary Finck Design

Ilke Studio


Island Memories sf


Jennifer Clifford Art + Design

JFOX Jewelry

Kaleen Cameron

Katie Dean Jewelry

Kausay Flow

Keepsake Collection


Korina Naturals

Lacson Ravello

Lady Alamo

LIKHÂ / The Global Artisan Inc.

LIX PERLE Accessories & Apparel

Lux + Stone

Made by Chanamon

Magical Realism Ceramics

Malisa Suchanya illustration

Maya Bauman Design



Melinda Gail LLC

Messy Play Kits


Mia Lara Jewelry


Midori Handmade Goods

Mindful Paw Dog Training

Momper Romper

Moon + Leaf

Moon Looms

More the Merrlier

Murphy Munday

MXM Jewelry & Design

Noe Osada Design

O.R. Sight Designs

OD Ceramics


Often Wander

Oleema Skincare

Part & Parcel


Poppy and Honeybee

Poppy & Quail

Prism Jewels

Project Squeeble

Quench Botanica



RAANU Handwoven


Rumble Jar

Rust & Flourish

S for Sparkle


Saara Reidsema

Sam Lee

Say Something Cards

Seoul Sister Studio

Sheila Miller Pottery


Shiny Notions

Signature Innovation Group

Simple Metal Studio

Slate & Stone Jewelry

Sonya Lee Barrington




Sunde White Industries


Susie Q Skin

Sweet & Spark

Swing Artisan Jewelry

Tap Tap Organics

Tessa Kemp Jewelry

The Cloud Factory

The Nature of Jovie


Tide and Tied


Tomoko Ceramics

Topaz & Pearl

Turkish Modern



Untold Rebel

VAMVAS eco-friendly shoes

Village Child

Vital Mystic

Vina Shih Jewelry

Wen Wen Designs

Yawata ceramics

Young America Creative






RSVP now and watch this space for more updates on our music line up and happenings!

UAM Fall Totebag Contest

Shoppers, we’re back with our absolutely amazing, sustainably-satisfying, creatively stuffed FREE tote bag contest for our Fall show!

TWO lucky winners will get a chance to win over a dozen goodies donated by our super talented, creative hustlers! All you gotta do is share the love for UAM and you’re entered! Click below for the deets!

WIN here:

Tote bag 1 winner :


Tote bag 2 winner:


CONTEST DEADLINE: Friday, September 13th

Both winners will be notified via email on Saturday, September 14th. Please bring your ID to the info booth (Hayes Valley) on the day of the event (Sunday, September 15th) to pick up your prizes!

Good luck 😉

Also, RSVP’ing in advance to Urban Air Market Hayes Valley Fall, gets you eligible to pick up a custom tote bag at our information booth on the day of the event! Our SUPER cute totebags are designed by Uniquefitz and are IN LIMITED SUPPLY! So, arrive early to not be disappointed!




Our winners’ wall 🙂

A little Yelp from our sponsor friends!

There’s very few who have not heard of our popular Oakland sponsor – Yelp.

Yelp has been around for over 15 years as a growing business database for small and big businesses alike. Not only does it help business grow, it’s also been the no.1 go-to by user to check-out businesses in a new location or review a favorite coffee shop. So it’s no wonder, we were delighted to have them on board with us as our summer sponsor!

We had the opportunity to sit down with Emma W., Yelp’s East Bay Community Manager, and ask her a few questions about the best way users can utilize the Yelp platform in order to get discover and be discovered!



Q1) How can Yelp help small businesses like our participating makers get noticed by potential customers?

Yelp connects people with great local businesses! Creating or claiming a Yelp business page is one of the easiest ways potential customers discover your brand (and it’s completely free!). We offer a slew of free tools for business owners, such as providing your contact info, website, and business hours (which you can adjust anytime you’d like).

We believe Yelp provides a valuable service for business owners to market themselves based on the reputation they rightfully earn, and we’ve compiled a list of useful tips for them on how to do that effectively in Yelp’s Guide to Success.



Q2) What are best practices for using Yelp to explore new businesses and events?

We have just the thing! Yelp has a “Hot and New” search filter that will show you new and trending businesses in your neighborhood! It’s my favorite way to see what new shopping spots or restaurants are popping up in my community. We’re also testing out some exciting new functionality that will be announced soon. This new feature will totally revolutionize the way you interact with Yelp and how you discover your next go-to spots — stay tuned! Looking for local events? Head to anytime to explore happenings near you (or upload your local event to let fellow Yelpers know what you’re planning!).



Q3) How does Yelp stay up-to-date with the growing needs of small businesses?

Yelp’s product team is always working on new features to help solve business pain points. In fact, Yelp has been talking to all kinds of businesses to understand how we can better serve as a partner to local businesses. A suite of products that have come out of these conversations is business page upgrades. If you’re just starting out, or haven’t had an active Yelp business page, products like Business Highlights help demonstrate what makes your business special and why local customers should work with you!



Q4) Can you tell us one or two success story examples of a small businesses that have grown with the help of Yelp?

Absolutely! So many small businesses have found success growing their brands with the useful features that we offer. Rachel, co-owner of artisanal eatery Homage, says, “Yelp has been vital to our success! It has put our restaurant in front of thousands of people in such a short time! Their public and free platform has allowed customers to share their reviews of our food quickly and easily and people are able to read insights from others and be convinced to pay us a visit! We have had customers from as far as San Jose who have visited because of Yelp alone. As an added bonus hosting a Yelp Elite Event was a simple and painless way to gain many new customers in a short time. Our business would not have been able to gain as much public attention as quickly as it has without the help of Yelp!”

The creative folks over at upscale jewelry brand, Melissa Joy Manning, agree: “As a small business, tools that open a dialogue between ourselves, our customers, and the population at large are invaluable. It’s so great to have a community that believes in shopping locally, and Yelp gives us the visibility we need to connect with new people who share our ethos.”



Q5) Where can Yelpers find out more about Urban Air Market in San Francisco?

Did you know the Urban Air Market has its very own Yelp page?! If you haven’t stopped by before, be sure to bookmark Urban Air Market on Yelp! And if you’ve recently visited, you can always share your experience and photos on their page.




How SAVA – Our Oakland sponsor is changing the cannabis industry!

Sava: Women Supporting Women in Cannabis



Women have been involved in the cannabis industry for decades. As growers, as product formulators, as caregivers who provide it to loved ones in pain. As the green rush takes over and money pours into the cannabis industry – which has historically had a higher than average number of women founders and CEOs – we are seeing a decline of women in leadership positions. Sava is working to change that. 


As a women-founded and led company, Sava is committed to lifting up other women founders. That’s why half of the products on their platform are from women-owned brands. You can even sort by that value in their shop. 


Furthermore, their product selection is curated with women in mind. “We carry the products we want to use, and those we would recommend to our best friends, mothers, and sisters,” says Andrea Brooks, Sava founder and CEO. “In addition to our rigorous screening process around the source of the cannabis and the manufacturing process, that test really is at the heart of our curation – would I use this product?”


Sava founders believe that there is a perfect cannabis experience for everyone, and they are on a mission to help you discover what that means for you. They do this via online educational resources, a  well-trained customer support team that is available by phone and email, and by offering free 20-min phone consultations.


Want to unwind after a long day, get a good night’s sleep, or replace that cocktail with something that will leave you far less hungover? Visit their online marketplace to see the best cannabis California has to offer, and order for delivery to your door. Visit to get started! 


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