Behind the Scenes: Opening Your Own Store


Do you make and sell products to a loyal following online or at shows like Urban Air Market but dream of owning your own store?

Learn from an awesome panel of current store owners who started off as Urban Air Market vendors. Come hear what it takes to open your own store and get answers to your burning questions about creating a business structure, hiring employees, location tips, and more. This speaker panel event will allow attendees to hear the good, the bad and the ugly of store ownership firsthand.

Bring your questions and business cards as there will be time for Q&A, refreshments, and mingling.

WHAT: Behind the Scenes: Opening Your Own Store

WHEN: Thursday, September 3rd, 7-9pm

Please be aware of city traffic and neighborhood parking issues to arrive on time for refreshments, networking with your peers, and to meet the Urban Air Market team.



541 Octavia St.

San Francisco, CA

RSVP to reserve your spot!


About The Panelists:

Daisy and Christian- gather


Husband and wife team Christian & Daisy opened their shop, gather, in 2014 in Hayes Valley. Daisy is a jewelry designer who sells her designs online and in various boutiques around the country and Christian’s background is in providing legal advice to small businesses. Combining their unique experiences and skills and embarking on a new journey, they are now living their dream of owning a brick and mortar store in the heart of San Francisco to sell their goods as well as the goods of other local and indie artists.  

Jonathan- heliotrope


JP is an alchemist, a dog lover, a porketarian, a grammarian, a martini aficionado, and Nice Jewish Boy from The Bronx. He’s worked for Bay Area retailers for over 25 years, including Williams-Sonoma/Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, Good Vibrations, and Bare Essentials. He co-founded Heliotrope five years ago.

Jenn- local take


Jenn co-owns Local Take with Kyra, who she had often shared a festival booth with to sell her own designs in the past. They worked so well together that they decided it was time to open their own brick and mortar store. Jenn and Kyra chose the Castro for their business as it lacked a main retail source for independently designed and crafted personal items and gifts. Local Take now showcases over 130 independent designers and artists, helping them gain public recognition to jumpstart their careers.

About the Moderator:


Danielle is the owner of Urban Air Market. She has been an event producer and artist representative since 2005 when she founded Missing Piece Productions. She has won a San Francisco fashion award in each of the following categories: Best Event Producer, Best Fashion Event, Best Artist Rep, Best Fashion Collective, and Best Trunk Show. She enjoys success stories about small businesses that participate in Urban Air Market events that involve collaboration, growth, and change.

About the Venue:

unnamed (4)

Located in the heart of San Francisco, gather has thoughtfully curated a selection of unique local and hand-crafted clothing, home goods, and gifts. gather fosters an engaging shopping experience that provides a meaningful connection to the featured craftsmen and women including hosting monthly workshops.

Designer Spotlight: NSEWest Co.

NSEWest Co. is pleased to announce the latest drop of their The LSD Collection — a tribute to San Francisco’s Last Summer Days.
This collection celebrates the unique and eclectic history that defines San Francisco. The City has been a major countercultural hub for decades. From the legendary music scene, to its world-renowned restaurant and beer industry and booming tattoo culture, San Francisco’s identity has always been tied to innovation and challenging the norm.
NSEWest Co.’s vision for Last Summer Days is to preserve and honor the old San Francisco, the city of steep hills, not steep prices, while also celebrating who we are as a city right now. A place that we hope is always full of imagination and idealism, art and community. Click here to read about the brand new line on NSEWest Co.’s blog page. As with all their apparel and accessories, 10% of web proceeds go back to community-based organizations and nonprofits. You can read more about their community focused business model, here.
Whether you’re looking for locally made products, or artistic clothing with a purpose Urban Air Market is the place to find it! Our vendors  focus on sustainable design with a knack for the local community. Be sure to check out NSEWest Co. and a festival of other designers and artists at Urban Air Market: Dogpatch this Sunday from 11am – 6pm at Espirit Park (19th and Minnesota St. SF). Hope to see you all there!

Urban Air Market: Dogpatch

eventbrite_dogpatch_uam (1)


After making its successful round in the East Bay, Urban Air Market returns to the esteemed neighborhood  of Dogpatch in San Francisco! We’re excited to return to a neighborhood we call one of our favorites in SF. The creative history in the neighborhood keeps bringing us back (think the once-booming industrial economy centered in the city’s central waterfront or the awesome nineties when Espirit headquarters was located in Dogpatch — pretty much the epicenter of fashion at that time!)

Urban Air Market: Dogpatch will take place on Sunday, August 16th surrounding  Esprit Park at the intersection of Minnesota and 19th streets from 11  a.m. to 6 p.m. Our one-day street festival will feature 100+ one-of-a-kind  local designers who produce sustainable goods  including apparel, jewelry, and home decor.

We had a chance to catch up with a few Dogpatch residents to find out why they love Urban Air Market:

” I love the unique selection of vendors. These designers produce super high-quality products that are handcrafted, organic or sustainable. It’s great! – Marianna R., 42, homemaker 

“UAM supports the local economy and compared to chain stores, locally owned businesses recycle a much larger share their revenue with the community by putting it back into the local economy! It’s great Urban Air Market can bring this to our community!” – Trevor W., 32, business professional

“I do my best to be eco-friendly by conserving water and energy, but always wanted to do more. After discovering Urban Air Market I realized I can shop for sustainable products all in one place. I’m doing my part in supporting the green movement and I encourage other to do so too!” – Ashley G., 28, beauty salon owner

We’re excited to enrich the Dogpatch neighborhood once again! In addition to shopping, guests can enjoy acoustic performances by local musicians including:

Musical Line-up:

Diablo Jazz Company | 11am – 12pm

Geist Strings | 12pm – 1pm

PLS Trio | 1pm – 2pm

Foxtail Brigade | 2pm – 3pm

Steve Taylor-Ramirez| 3pm – 4pm

The Willy Roland Band | 4pm – 5pm

Food Truck Line-Up:

Voodoo Van

Hongry Kong

Karas Cupcakes


Partners of Urban Air Market: Dogpatch include: Museum of Craft and DesignMakeshift Society,  1AM Gallery, Clif Bar, Roadie, and Build Public, a non-profit group helping to improve San Francisco’s public spaces.

Urban Air Market is also hosting a small business workshop that will place prior to the Dogpatch event at nearby Museum of Craft and Design on on Wednesday, August 5 from 6:00 p.m. -8:00 p.m. called Retail Readiness: Wholesaling to Stores with guest speaker Rena Tom from Makeshift Society. Attendees will take home the knowledge required to present and pitch product lines to buyers in a way that maximizes sales potential. Please note:  the vendor workshop is not on the same date as the Dogpatch show. For more information about this vendor workshop, please see:

Urban Air Market: Dogpatch is FREE to attend and will take place at Espirit Park in Dogpatch, SF on the intersection of Minnesota and 19th streets from 11  a.m. to 6 p.m.


The first 100 shoppers who  RSVP here will get a free tote bag from NSEWest Co. upon arrival.

Urban Air Market: Dogpatch takes place the same weekend as the neighboring San Francisco Street Food Festival which will be held at Pier 70, just a 10 minute walk from Esprit Park.

How to Get to Urban Air Market: Dogpatch 2015

As Urban Air Market supports a sustainable lifestyle, we recommend to either walk, bike, ride share, or use public transportation to get to this event.

Bus: AC transit Bus 22 towards 3rd St. & 20th St. Offboard at 18th St. and Minnesota

Train: The Minu T-line runs down Third Street. Offboard at the 20th St. station

Please bike or carpool, as parking is limited on the street.


Urban Air Market: Dogpatch 2015 Summer Vendors (not in order) —

Amos Goldbaum

amy rose moore illustration

Angles & Arcs

Animal Instincts Apparel

Doug Rhodes

Beijo Brasil

Bright and Beauty

Build Public


Compass Rose Design



Drew Shanklin Shirts

Eko Kreations

Elisa Gonsalves Designs

Enlightened Pieces

Graphic Arts Workshop


Indigo Handloom


Jennifer Clifford art + design

Kira Kids



Leelu Designs

Little Paper Press

LIX PERLE Accessories & Apparel

Maha Devi Design


mission de flores

mohinders shoes

MXM Jewelry & Design


No Tox Life

NSEWest Co.

Old Tree Essentials

Papier Vintage

PawNosh Recycled Glass Pet Bowls

Pigeon Heart Designs



Skincare by Feleciai

Spicer Bags

Synergy OrganicClothing


Tessa Kemp Jewelry

The Latch Key

The Urban Deer

The Westside Collective

Tila & the Textiles



Zafiro Jewelry

How Ya Bean

Amour Vert

DSF Clothing

gemma aspera

Das Bus

Dandy Lion Press

Happy French Gang





Luna Bar





Focalpoint Home



Alex Steele

Halo Bender




Retail Readiness: Wholesaling to Stores

meet and greet banner

Do you make and sell products to a loyal following online or at craft shows but want to see your work on the shelves of your favorite boutique? It takes more than having great products to earn a retailer’s interest, trust, and money. Learn how to approach stores and make it easy for them to buy from you. During this workshop, guest speaker Rena Tom will guide you in reevaluating your business through the eyes of a buyer. Students will learn now to research the right stores to approach and how to edit their lines for maximum appeal. We’ll also look at the content of your line sheet and catalog, discuss what makes a compelling pitch and how buyers find out about new lines, and talk about the importance of establishing a good relationship with your stores. You will take home the knowledge required to present your line to buyers in a way that maximizes sales potential.

WHAT: Retail Readiness: Wholesaling to Stores

WHEN: Wednesday, August 5th from 6:00PM -8:00PM

Please be aware of city traffic and neighborhood parking issues to arrive on time for refreshments, networking with your peers, and to meet the Urban Air Market team.


museum of craft and design


Museum of Craft and Design

2569 Third Street

San Francisco, CA 94107


RSVP to reserve your spot!




Museum of Craft and Design’s exhibitions focus on craft and design in all media by introducing visitors to a broad range of artists and designers and to the many approaches to creative expression in these fields. Our mission is to showcase and explore exceptional examples of contemporary work in craft and design through engaging exhibitions and public programs.


Rena Tom is the founder of Makeshift Society, an organization for freelancers, independent business owners, and small teams. Founded in San Francisco in 2012 with a second location in Brooklyn in 2014, Makeshift Society places a great deal of emphasis on peer education and mentoring as well as connecting subject-matter experts to bolster each others’ businesses. Their innovative programming is designed to encourage cross-disciplinary learning and the resulting environment is perfect for organically growing business and discovering opportunities for collaboration.


Rena is deeply involved in many different communities – maker, designer, entrepreneur – in an effort to foster new collaborative projects. She has spoken on these topics at conferences like TYPO, Pioneer Nation, and Creative Mornings. Previously, she owned Rare Device, a store and art gallery with locations in Brooklyn and San Francisco. Rena has also operated a successful jewelry design and invitation design business, and during the first Web boom, she was a web content management consultant.

Why Your Next Jewelry Purchase Should be Sustainable


Sustainability, although based on simple principles and old practices, is a difficult feat to achieve in present-day society. Over-consumption and materialism create a facade that leads people to believe they are above the laws of nature — but the good news is, many countries, companies and individuals are taking steps toward achieving sustainability. One of the most beautiful examples of the move to sustainable practices is found in the visual arts. Artisans, craftsman, jewelers and artists are taking pride in becoming global citizens who create beautiful, sustainable art that is environmentally and socially conscious.

Jewelry-Making: Harmful to the Environment

In the jewelry-making business, there are primary and secondary factors that harm the environment. Primary factors include what materials are being used, where these materials are coming from and how they’re extracted. Mining and extracting metals contaminates ground and surface water, emits toxic emissions such as arsenic and lead and is a leading cause in pollution. In turn,this leads to environmental disasters such as soil erosion, sinkholes and loss of biodiversity.

Secondary factors include the manufacturing and packaging process. It takes energy to produce glass and plastic that’s often used in jewelry. The path to sustainability includes weakening our reliance to fossil fuels and eliminating the production of plastics all together. The packaging alone, with the Styrofoam buffering in boxes and plastic containers to hold the jewelry, is environmentally damaging.

Making Sustainable Jewelry

To become sustainable, designers and producers are simplifying their day-to-day operations. They’re using less water, less electricity and reducing their carbon footprint. They’re reducing the use of hazardous chemicals, switching over to biodegradable compounds and solutions and most importantly, disposing of everything properly.

Once the jewelry is made, producers are looking for ways to reduce the amount of packaging used to ship and store the goods. Recycled packaging products are becoming a favorite among many eco-conscious companies. Designers are using recycled metals, upcycling vintage materials and pushing the boundaries of what is considered “jewelry.” They’re getting creative and crafty using recycled paper to make beads and bottle caps as earrings. O-rings — those little round rubber seals used in manufacturing — are being repurposed and strung into necklaces and bracelets. The possibilities are practically endless.

The Value of Sustainable Jewelry

With the plethora of beautifully designed eco-conscious jewelry, you’re bound to find value in a piece whose creativity and originality speaks to you. If that’s not enough to cement your decision, recognize that purchasing sustainable options decreases the price that comes with jewelry. And we’re not talking about the price at the register. The price paid by our natural resources, by those working in horrible conditions for low pay and by the generations to come who will deal with the reprimands of our environmentally unsound decisions. Sustainable jewelry means you (or the recipient of your gift) will wear it with pride, knowing you’re doing your part in reducing your carbon footprint and ensuring fair trade and decent work conditions globally.

Where to Find Sustainable Jewelry

Whether you’re looking for jewelry or other sustainable art such as clothes, home decor and beauty products, Urban Air Market is the place for you. Imagine a farmers market filled with environmental and socially conscious artists, designers and vendors who focus on sustainable design. You know exactly how every product was made, where the materials came from and you’re supporting the local economy. If you call Northern California home or if you’re just travelling through, explore the Oakland Urban Air Market on Sunday, July 12 and check the schedule for the next market near you.


unnamed (1)About the guest contributor:  Natalie Posdaljian: Natalie’s inquisitive mind leads her to explore the world in many different ways. She feels most alive and inspired when she’s on the move but struggles between the urge to pack up and go and her commitment to shrink her carbon footprint.

Urban Air Market: Oakland


Urban Air Market finally premiered in the East Bay Area last month and we have to say, it was such a huge success! We’re back in the five-one-zero area code for all you summer shopping connoisseurs with our Uptown Oakland event this Sunday, July 12th! Oakland residents will have a chance to experience a mini-version of our one-day street festival for locally made, high-quality, sustainable goods! For one day only, we are bringing this curated shopping experience to Oakland residents in the heart of Uptown Oakland – a thriving and creative part of the city.

Urban Air Market: Oakland will feature:

  • 50+ local designers and artists on William Street
  • A live music showcase in Uptown Art Park
  • Roaming performance artists for your enjoyment
  • Delicious food trucks and treats to keep you energized and hydrated from Drip Mobile Cofee and Espresso and BaconBaconSF

Items for sale at the market will include: curated and high quality goods, such as apparel, jewelry, and home decor. All participating vendors are selected based on their eco-friendliness, so shoppers can expect to find products that are handcrafted, organic, sustainable, or upcycled.

In addition to shopping, guests can enjoy acoustic performances by local musicians and live art installations including:

Musical Line-up:

Tay and the JanglahDahs | 11am – 12pm

Max and Nicky | 12pm – 1pm

The Joy Drops | 1pm – 2pm

Contant Time | 2pm – 3pm

Joshua Smith | 3pm – 4pm

Gaby Castro-Moroder | 4pm – 5pm

Unlikely Heroes | 5pm – 6pm

Partners of Urban Air Market: Berkeley include Indiegogo, Working SolutionsKiva Zip,  Luke’s Local and Localwise.

Urban Air Market: Oakland is FREE to attend and will take place at Uptown Art Park in Oakland on the intersection of William St. & Telegraph on Sunday, July 12th from 11am – 6pm.


The first 100 shoppers who  RSVP here will get a free tote bag from Oaklandish upon arrival.

How to Get to Urban Air Market: Oakland

As Urban Air Market supports a sustainable lifestyle, we recommend to either walk, bike, ride share, or use public transportation to get to the event.

Bart: less than a 3 minute walk from 19th St. Oakland bart station

Bus: AC Transit 1 to Telegraph and Thomas L. Berkeley Way or AC Transit 800 to Telegraph

Please bike or carpool, as parking is limited on the street.



Urban Air Market: Oakland Summer Vendors:

Beijo Brasil

Brenda’s Ceramics and Jewelry


Das Bus

Earth Majesty

EcoCork Sustainable Accessories

Everyday Valentine


Fringe Outerwear

gneiss wood

Healing Henna

Heliotrope San Francisco



Inside Line Equipment

Kinda Fancy

Lavender and Neroli

Leelu Designs

LIX PERLE Accessories & Apparel

mod clothing

mohinders shoes

MXM Jewelry & Design



Niknaz Artwear


Old Tree Essentials

Pigeon Heart Designs

Sara Christian

The Latch Key

The Westside Collective

Theia Grazi Clothing Co.

Translation clothing


Your Divine

Princess Pun

Mad Elegance

by Stacey Monique

Daisy Chains & Alternative Endings

PLT Jewelry

Anubha Designs

Liberty & Justice

Compass Rose Design

Indigo Cynosure


Prism Jewels

Lucky Penny Wood Works



How to Raise Money for your Creative Business


How to Raise Money for Your Creative Business_banner image

In celebration of Urban Air Market‘s first show in Oakland, and as a continuation of our monthly meet & greet events for creative business owners, we’ve teamed up with with a stellar group of professionals about a topic that you’ve been waiting for.

Join us at Impact Hub Oakland and meet experts from fundraising from fundraising organizations Indiegogo, Working Solutions, and Kiva Zip.

What: How to Raise Money for Your Creative Business: A Panel Discussion

When: Tuesday, July 7th 2015 from 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM

Please arrive on time for snacks, networking with your peers, and to meet the Urban Air Market team.


Impact Hub Oakland
2323 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94612

RSVP to reserve your spot!


About The Panelists:


Sara has been pursuing her passion for social entrepreneurship since she worked with a social start-up in India in 2013. She has four years of domestic and international development experience in Chile, India and New York, and is very excited to be a Kiva Zip Fellow in San Francisco this summer. Kiva Zip’s platform provides entrepreneurs with 0% interest, no-fee loans up to $5,000. The loans are crowdfunded through Kiva’s community of lenders as well as the borrower’s personal network.

Alisa Cordesius, Indiegogo
As Indiegogo’s Manager of Social Innovation & Design, Alisa empowers entrepreneurs, creators, and change-makers to fund what matters to them. She is responsible for building partnerships and empowering individuals to leverage crowdfunding for social good. Prior to Alisa has spoken most recently at SXSW 2015, Unite for Sight at Yale, and is a frequent presenter at UC Berkeley, Stanford, and the Impact HUB. Indiegogo helps you raise money via crowdfunding for anything, from products to personal projects. and provides you with the tools to spread the word.

Corrine, Working Solutions

Working Solutions is a nonprofit organization that provides micro loans and business coaching to Bay Area small business owners. Corinne works directly with East Bay business owners who are seeking a microloan to help them get started with Working Solutions.Prior to Working Solutions, she completed a year of service as an Americorps VISTA at Women’s Initiative, a nonprofit that helped women entrepreneurs start small businesses in the Bay Area. She is interested in local community development and income generation for under-served populations.

About the Moderator:

will chase

Will Chase is Burning Man‘s Minister of Propaganda, working on global communications strategy. He’s the editor-in-chief for the Jackrabbit Speaks newsletter and the Voices of Burning Man blog, and content manager for Burning Man’s web properties. He volunteered as the Operations Manager for the ARTery (Black Rock City’s art HQ) and was on the Burning Man Art Council from 2003-2008. He also runs Will Chase Arts, providing art curation and event management services since 2004.

About the Venue:
Impact Hub Oakland
is equal parts inspiring work space, entrepreneurial incubator and community of socially minded people. Located in the heart of the most diverse city in the United States, we cultivate, support and connect social entrepreneurs and purpose-driven people as they pioneer solutions for a sustainable and equitable world. Impact Hub Oakland is where your ideas can turn into action. Learn more here.


Through meeting representatives of key organizations and small business owners who have been successfully funded through these organizations,  participants should walk away with a greater understanding of current fund raising options available for small business and actionable steps they can take to prepare for their own fundraising campaigns.

Sustainable Gift Guide for Father’s Day

It’s finally June and that means two things: summer officially starts and it’s Father’s Day! Can you believe both are on the same date this year — June 21st?

The day we appreciate our awesome dads is soon approaching, and if you haven’t thought about his gift already — get movin’! But if you’re pretty stumped about what to get Dad, no need to worry because by mere coincidence Urban Air Market: Berkeley is the day before Father’s Day! How convenient is that?  With so many local designers to choose from, you can surely find a gift that fits his personality.

To get you started, we combined a list of gifts by personality type to make this process a whole lot easier:

The Outdoorsy Dad

Gneiss Wood

Gneiss Wood

When The Outdoorsy Dad spends time on the beach, at the lake or on the nearest hiking trail, he makes the best of what the land provides!  We think a wooden etching from Gneiss Wood would surely let him soak up the outdoors, even when he’s sitting indoors. While most people see drift wood on the beach as useless, Oakland-based artist Adam Hubein gives driftwood wood a new life. The etchings on the driftwood inspire poetry, mindfulness, love, and also humor. The perfect gift to inspire Dad to continue exploring the outdoors!


The City Slicker

Jennifer Clifford Art and Design

SF City Portrait by Jennifer Clifford Art

If pops is a native San Franciscan or a true city-slicker at heart, The City Slicker Dad will love gifts from local Bay Area artist Jennifer Clifford Design. Clifford has one motive: to take bits and pieces (literally!) from San Francisco to create one-of-a-kind textural and eclectic art pieces. Clifford’s collage art work incorporates media from variety of materials, including wallpaper, old ticket stubs, Muni and BART passes, maps, newsprint, vintage magazines, and re-purposed fabrics. If Dad has a real knack for the city life, he’ll love these one-of-a-kind art pieces!

The Nature Lover


Cork Planters from Newd Elements

Don’t worry, there’s still time to set-up that backyard garden Dad’s been talking about all year. Newd Elements is the perfect place to get a gift for Dads who love plants, gardening and home landscaping. Home decor designer Rachel Beck takes pride in re-purposing abandoned materials like corks, and textiles that are normally destined for the landfill and transforming them into purposeful & modern items for everyday life. What an easy and eco-friendly gift for Dad, he’ll love it!

The World Traveler

Indosole- Pathways Collection

An array of Indosole shoes

Even with the tons of stamps on his passport, The World Traveler Dad probably hasn’t come across shoes like these made from Indonesia! IndoSole provides fashionable and functional footwear made from Indonesia. Get this, the soles are made from waste tires from Indonesian landfills. The production process is non-toxic and environmentally sustainable, with no melting down, off-gassing, or reforming of any material. Shoes made from tires? It doesn’t get any tougher than that, and it’s perfect for Dad!

The Fashionable Gentleman

Drew Shanklin

Drew Shanklin Dress shirt

If you have a Fashionable Father, it can be hard to keep up with him! If he has a bright and positive personality, he’ll love these dress shirts from Drew Shanklin Designs. If trendy Dad is into making a fashion statements, these shirts are it!

You can browse, shop, and purchase all of these products from designers at Urban Air Market Berkeley on June 20th. This one-day shopping event is free  to attend from 11am – 6pm on Allston Way between Milvia and MLK.

Urban Air Market Berkeley is a curated marketplace for sustainable design, eco friendly products, handmade products and more.

Urban Air Market is a pop-up curated marketplace for sustainable design. After 10+ years in  San Francisco neighborhoods, Urban Air Market is expanding to the East Bay with a new event in Berkeley, CA

RSVP to shop at Urban Air Market Berkeley here:

Apply to be an Urban Air Market designer here:

Follow Urban Air Market on Instagram and Twitter: @UrbanAirMarket

Where to Shop in Berkeley

Look out festival goers and sun bathers, summer is unofficially upon us! While city dwellers are still experiencing nippy mornings and spontaneously windy afternoons, the East Bay is definitely feeling the heat.

For those who recently made the move across the bridge realizing they don’t own any “airy” clothing (let alone a pair of shorts), you’re probably looking to add some key elements to your wardrobe (like shorts). Instead of clicking “add to cart”, step away from the computer and explore local, sustainable and community enriching fashions from your local boutiques. And hello… you’ll get the added benefit of being able to try things on!

This month we’re all about Berkeley. I mean, they started the whole “Shop Local” movement anyway, right? Here are some local gems currently on our radar, plus some pro summer styling tips to keep in mind for all the fun adventures that await you this season:


Randy Brewer Convert BerkeleyOwner Randy Brewer opened Convert back in 2009 with the goal of making quality, sustainable fashion — for men and women– easier to come by. Find anything from organic cotton tees by PACT and upcycled leather backpacks and belts by Will Leather Goods to eco cult classics like Prairie Underground and the Pendleton Portland Collection.

Summer Style Tip: Mix it upConvert Berkeley

Instead of that simple white dress, pair a mismatched pattern skirt and top. I’m a big fan of mixing patterns. Yes, that floral tank looks great with that polka dot skirt! Throw in some metallic sandals as well. Versatile and fun.

Men, don’t be afraid to tuck a nice button up shirt into those shorts, with a belt of course. Also, oxfords without socks (or no see ums) with those shorts is a great alternative to sneakers. Lots of comfortable options that just take the ensemble to the next level.



Empress Vintage

Janina Angel Bath Empress Vintage
Empress Vintage is a newbie to Berkeley! This vintage oasis doubles as a community space and garden and is host to monthly workshops, trunk shows and other events. And did we mention the amazing finds? Bonus: Make an appointment with the owner Janina Angel Bath for a tarot reading after you shop.

Summer Style Tip: Rock a crop topempress vintage Berkeley

Who doesn’t love a cute crop top? They’re easy to dress up or down, and pair perfectly with pretty much anything high-waisted: long breezy skirts, classy trousers, tight jeans, cut offs. They also look amazing paired with things that have no waist at all- crop tops and overalls are an easy outfit for playing in the sun. And they come in so many styles! Casual t-shirts and tanks, flirty tie-ups, lacy nothings, more modest button ups, all made a little more saucy and a lot more steezy when cropped.

In the heat of the summer crop tops let the breeze in. So come now, before it gets too hot, and find some cropped cuties of your own at Empress! 

Photos by: Casey Fyfe


UrbanityAngela Cadogan UrbanityAt Urbanity you’re sure to score something unique from their highly edited selection of designer clothing. Done with your Spring cleaning? Urbanity does consignment so you can rest assured that your old threads get a loving new home and don’t head for the dreaded landfill.

Urbanista Summer Style Tips:Urbanity Berkeley

  1. Always rock a little block | Sunblock that is! Our foggy, gray weather can often be deceptive. UV rays are ever present in our atmosphere and high on the list of causes for premature aging of the skin. As a lifelong fashionista I first recommend protecting your individually natural look with SPF 30+ and don’t forget to top your block with this summer’s hottest fashion accessory: a wide brimmed hat!
  2. Layer, Layer, Layer – and then add a Layer | We often find ourselves leaving the house in the morning bundled in a jacket and scarf, but as soon as noon rolls around, the temps are climbing to the high 70’s. Layers are the sure fire way to fashionably face whatever your days bring your way. Think summer dress, crop cardi, denim jacket, clogs (tights or crop leggings optional!), and a light weight scarf. The key is keeping these layers light so that as they are shed they can fit into your tote or day bag so you won’t get stuck carrying a heavy layer over your arm come midday.



FoxgloveRachel Kinney FoxGloveFoxglove is a great place to shop for men, women and kids — plus they have a superbly curated home goods selection (gifts!). They are big on supporting local and showcase a number of local designers as well as those that manufacture fair trade and organic. Their mantra: every purchase makes an impact.

Summer Style Tip: Shop “Thoughtful”foxglove Berkeley

What do you look for when curating/buying for your boutique?

I ask questions like: Does this have a unique perspective? Is it well-made? I prefer natural materials because they’re comfortable, easy to wash and maintain, and have a lower environmental impact than synthetics. The majority of our clothing is cotton!

One of my favorite (clothing and jewelry) brands that we carry is Mata Traders, which is a fair trade company based in Chicago. Fair Trade companies are devoted to ensuring that artisans are paid fair wages and empowered by their handiwork rather than exploited for it. Beyond the politics of fair trade, they produce a really cool range of clothing that suits many body types. So many fair trade clothing companies fall into the trap of producing “ethnic” products that don’t really appeal to a broad audience. Mata Traders, on the other hand creates modern and classic silhouettes, but with hand block-printed fabric which gives them a look that is less traditional. Their jewelry collection is chunky and vibrant, full of statement pieces.



Urban Air MarketDanielle Cohen Urban Air MarketIf you haven’t heard, Urban Air Market is popping-up in Berkeley on Saturday, June 20th from 11am – 6pm (rsvp here). The sustainable design festival will feature 100+ innovative designers of fashion accessories, home goods, jewelry, beauty and more. A great one-stop local shopping experience– plus it’s free to attend! Bonus: a live music showcase, a nearby farmer’s market, and art installations!

Summer Style Tip: Buy Reclaimed


Even though we’re a pop-up Berkeley destination for one day only, we’re helping to bring great shopping from local designers to the heart of downtown Berkeley, where there currently isn’t a lot of this kind of retail. My summer fashion tip: help divert waste from the landfill by shopping from our participating vendors who make jewelry, shoes, and handbags with reclaimed materials. Talk directly with the vendors and I bet they will give more advice about how to style your specific outfit.

Protect Your Product



For our June vendor meet & greet workshop, we’ve teamed up with Handcraft Studio School to bring together two things that you rarely see in the same sentence: Getting crafty and learning about the law. Taught by Legally Vogue’s co-founders and Lord Bertram Attorneys Brad Carrick and Gregory Lemmons, this workshop is a great place to meet artists and designers and ask your burning business and legal questions.

What: Protect your product: Trademark, Copyright, and Patent Law for creative entrepreneurs

When: Wednesday, June 17, 2015 from 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM

Please arrive on time to grab a light snack, do a small craft project, and network with each other and the Urban Air Market team before the Legally Vogue presentation and Q & A session.


Handcraft Studio School

5885 Doyle St.

Emeryville, CA 94608

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$25.00 registration fee

About This Workshop:

This workshop will cover the most important aspects of protecting intellectual property in the fashion and design world. Terms like trademarks, copyrights and patents are often misunderstood and misused – and they are especially tricky in the fashion world! We’ll clarify what they mean and how we can use them to protect our products and build our brands. We will use real world examples and help you avoid the mistakes so many have made before.


Students should come away from this workshop with an actionable understanding of intellectual property law and how they can protect their products and brands.

  • What can (and what can not) be protected by law?
  • What is a trademark and when should they be registered?
  • What is needed to register a trademark?
  • What, if anything, can be patented in fashion?
  • Should we be interested in registering copyrights? What can go wrong?
  • When is a lawyer needed and where can we find one?


About the Instructors:

 Brad Carrick - Legally Vogue

Brad Carrick is Editor in Chief of Legally Vogue and Managing Attorney at Lord Bertram with a passion for helping creative entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses. An attorney for over 10 years with a degree from Harvard Law School, Brad also pursued a MBA at IE in Madrid, Spain with a focus on fashion and then launched SOLZ, Inc., a unique brand creating “Functional Fashion for Active Lifestyles.” He and his legal team guide artists and designers through the ins and outs of the legal and business issues that affect small business owners today.



Gregory Lemmons - Legally Vogue

Gregory Lemmons is the founding attorney of Lord Bertram Law Corporation, a national entertainment, fashion, and design law practice, and co-founder of Legally Vogue. He began his legal career as an associate with a large defense firm practicing class action litigation. He has taught business law at the University of Phoenix, and served as a guest speaker at Hastings College of the Law, Academy of Art University, and the 2013 International Fashion and Beauty Bloggers (iFabbo) conference. A San Francisco Bay Area Native, Mr. Lemmons was an A Better Chance Scholar and attended The Cate School in Carpinteria, California. He obtained his B.A. from Columbia University in New York City, and his law degree from Santa Clara University School of Law.


About the Venue:


Handcraft Studio School was founded by Marie Muscardini. Marie was born and raised in Berkeley by two creative parents: art, teaching and design have always been a significant part of her life. Handcraft Studio School brings people together with a mission to promote and preserve the art of handcrafts by partnering with local artists and craftsmen to teach workshops ranging from letterpress printing to flower arranging.

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