Remaking the Fashion Industry

When buying your clothes, how often do you think about where it came from? It doesn’t always mean the store you purchased it from: Do you know if the women who made your shirt receiving a fair living wage? Are they empowered? What resources are being used to produce your inexpensive shirts and jeans?

Remake is an organization of fashion enthusiasts, designers, and researchers working to create a better life for the women who make our clothes by going beyond the label. In September, Remake sent fashion design students from Parsons and California College of the Arts to Sri Lanka to meet the human production behind the fast fashion industry and telling their stories.

Photo: Inside a garment factory in Sri Lanka

Remake also took over New York Fashion Week this past year, supporting ten slow fashion brands in one of the largest fashion capitals of the world.  And they continue to educate consumers by distributing handy guides explaining why fast fashion is out, and slow fashion is in.

Photo: Runway show hosted by Remake

We’re lucky to have a blogger lounge hosted by Remake at Urban Air Market: Holiday Show in Oakland at Jack London Square this Sunday, December 3rd. Vist and chat with Remake founder Ayesha Barenblat and learn more about their awesome mission to #remakeourworld. If you are a blogger and would like to have access to the Remake blogger lounge, please email

Founder Ayesha Barenblat in the middle!

#meetthemaker: Rolend Gumanas of GURO Designs

To countdown to our two-part holiday show, we’re kicking off a new #meetthemaker series to get to know our DIY Night makers and artists a little bit better. If you haven’t already, RSVP for our DIY Night on Friday, December 1st and stop by Rolend’s booth to make mini plant hammocks!

A former Assistant Director for Clinton Park, Rolend Gumanas now heads GURO Designs, specializing in the creation of handcrafted items made from salvaged materials of goods like denim, canvas, and leather. Working out of her Downtown Oakland studio space, Werkshack, Gumanas creates exclusive American handmade accessories, including duffel bags, tote bags, plant hammocks, dopp kits, and leather key fobs. She visits local factories in search of salvaged materials that typically end up in a landfill and turns them into one-of-a kind, exclusive artisanal accessories. Read on to learn more about Rolend’s journey as a designer.

Tell us a bit about your journey as a maker. When/why did you create your company and where do you see it in the next 2 years?

“Before launching Guro Designs, I worked as an Assistant Designer for Clinton Park, an apparel servicing company in San Francisco. Prior to that, I was a Denim Tailor and Repair Specialist for several companies in New York, including Levi Strauss & Co. and Selfedge, which further cultivated my passion for denim.

I’ve always been intrigued by the concept of creating art through apparel, and even though I began my fashion career as a stylist and visual merchandiser, I realized my niche was in design. In 2019, I plan on launching GURO’s apparel and accessories line made in Japan!”

What inspires you?

“Inspiration comes from shapes and colors. When I view a particular object I like to think of how and why it is made. I am particularly immersed in the thought process of how certain object fit together. Once my mind passes through that stage color, then draws my attention.”

What’s your favorite gift to give during the holiday season and why?

“My favorite gifts to give are objects that I make that hopefully can be used regularly.”

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?

“I recall one situation that changed my life forever. My clients are so generous. One client in particular gave me a blank check to buy my first Juki industrial sewing machine. After I purchased my first sewing machine, the sky became my limit.”

What is your favorite part of participating in markets and meeting your clients face to face?

“I feel as though I am a personable individual. When people meet me my passion for creating with my hands is a subject that always surfaces, which is probably because of my sewing needle tattoos located on my forearm.”

When you’re not crafting away, where can we find you?

“I love to ride my bike around Lake Merritt. If I am not seen on my bike, then more than likely I am painting in a studio.”

Show us where you work!

“GURO Designs is located at Werkshack, a shared work and retail location off of downtown Oakland. There are six resident makers who feature art, apparel, home goods, and jewelry.”

Any advice for first time vendors??

“My advice for individuals who are planning to vend at a craft fair is to make sure you are willing to talk to customers about your process. Visual merchandising is also very important and having an extra individual is always a plus.”

Meet Our Sustainable Fashion Alliance Members

If you visit the San Francisco Bay Area, you’re visiting the home to some of the most innovative and sustainable fashion brands operating today. But we know how difficult it is for small and local shops to compete with large companies and “fast fashion” — which is where the Sustainable Fashion Alliance comes in.

Established in 2016 by Joyce Hu and Andrea Plell, The Sustainable Fashion Alliance is a member based community of professionals that was founded to provide apparel and accessories companies a communal support system of resources and shared opportunities.

In order to enhance the local fashion community, and successfully create positive change in the industry, our voice is more potent in union. That’s why we feel fortunate to have a few members of the SFA participating in our DIY Night and our 12.3 holiday market. Read on to learn more about our SFA brands and visit Jack London Square on 12.1 and 12.3 to see them in action!


“Seasons are out. Collections are in. Founded by Ashley Denisov in 2016, 1×1’s mission is to create modern pieces with a unique yet timeless wardrobe staples and designing and releasing them — one at a time.

Our unique approach lets us focus on what we care about most: taking the time to design and develop the best product possible, hand in hand with local manufacturers.

Sustainability and local manufacturing are at the heart of what we do. We source ecologically responsible materials whenever possible and work with partners like Imperial Stock Ranch, whose commitment to sustainably produced wool is truly inspiring. Our factories are located in the Los Angeles area, which allows us to visit them often and closely oversee the production process from start to finish. We strongly value our partnerships with our manufacturers whose expertise is an invaluable element in the creation of our product.”

Alamere Designs

“We needed a jacket that could go anywhere and do anything. In San Francisco, a bike ride across town can mean quickly shifting from dense fog to bright sun (ask Karl). Designing with this challenge in mind led us to blend two key things – a design that had a classic, adaptable style and the best technical fabrics from the outdoor industry, proven to provide weatherproofing and warmth. We thought about how to create a design that could fit in while you ride your bike, at the bar you (might be) riding to, at your “day job”, climbing that random boulder for a better view of the ocean, and any adventures you might have in between.

Being a small business we place extra emphasis on the quality of the few things we release. And in order to allow our visions to come to life we need the ability to visit our products while on the line and make sure every zipper, cut, and pattern is up to our specifications. In addition to the fair labor concerns for production in Asia, the decision to focus on local manufacturing was an easy one. We love our factories. They’re like family and we always solve problems together, as a team. We celebrate our successes and grow together.

We’re always thinking – how can we make this better? We do extensive surveying and testing before a jacket even hits the shelves, incorporating as much feedback from our friends and customers on everything we do. Parts of entirely different jackets might be blended or redesigned with an intriguing fabric to create something radically new. That’s a huge part of why we choose to make everything locally and produce in small batches – not only are the pieces unique but a product of the whole community.”


Anna Monet Jewelry

Inspired by the beauty of the West Coast landscape and incorporating elements of ancient jewelry design, San Francisco designer Anna Monet creates original pieces celebrating timeless femininity and natural beauty. Anna crafts statement jewelry for everyday wear, and is proud to be part of a sustainable fashion movement, conscious of ethical sourcing and production. All of the horsehair have been gathered by groups of Native Americans located in the NW and SW regions of the United States.

“My process of creating jewelry revolves around gem cutting, silversmithing, and natural dyeing. Every step of my process is done by hand. Oftentimes the original shape of a rough material — gemstone or horsehair — will lend itself toward the ultimate form of the piece. My studio is located in beautiful San Francisco, where nature meets urban aesthetics. The city of San Francisco and California coast continue to inspire my work on the daily.”


EST WST Collective

“We’re a brother-sister team who started EST WST Collective out of the understanding that every action has an effect on the planet and its population. We recognize the potential for positive impact and envision a sustainable brand that connects consumers to artists and their culture through design.

The inspiration for EST WST began when we traveled to Nepal and India in 2010. Our parents spent 12 years in the small landlocked country, which included our early years. We fell in love with many aspects of the culture in South Asia, including the general warm-hearted nature of the people, the creativity, the calculated chaos, the pristine beauty, the chai and the tradition of weaving. We learned about the diverse cultural traditions in Nepal and the importance of the handloom industry in India. We became aware of the decline in handloom textiles and the desperate need for sustainable development in rural regions. And we connected with the next generation of students, artists and visionaries who are pushing the status quo.

Through EST WST Collective, we support the balance of preservation and modernization. We believe there can be progress without the compensation of culture.” 



YOLOTLI combines art, style and longevity to create timeless designs for the sophisticated and conscious customer by promoting excellent craftsmanship, artisanal techniques and the highest quality natural materials.

Nicole has lived and worked on and off in Germany, Mexico, Argentina, Guatemala and the USA. Since her very first visit to Mexico in 2003 she has felt a deep connection with the country itself and its rich and beautiful culture. The name YOLOTLI, which means HEART in Nahuatl – a native language of Mexico, celebrates that and pays homage to a culture that has deeply inspired her and continues to influence her worldly approach to fashion and design.

The Cannabis Lover’s Holiday Guide

By Amanda at SAVA

Gone are the days where giving cannabis as a holiday gift meant a rolled up baggie of flower with some rolling papers, or if you were really being fancy you’d put it in a nice jar. Now, you can find artisan raw honey, herb geles, silky eye cream, super relaxing bath bombs, Ritual cold brew – all infused with just the right amount of cannabis. Everything here can be ordered online and delivered to your door from SAVA, an online marketplace for curated cannabis goods.


Find us at Urban Air!

We’ll be at Urban Air Market December 3rd with a display of gift baskets, non-medicated product samples, and discount cards for your next order on SAVA!

Remember, although regulations are changing, you still need a valid medical cannabis recommendation and to be 21+ to consume cannabis in California.


A Day at the Spa

It’s common knowledge today that cannabis topicals are great pain relievers, but did you know that topical application of cannabis can also help keep your skin looking young and healthy? The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of cannabis, especially CBD, can both reverse and prevent signs of aging in your skin.

Try: Little Green Bee’s skin care line.

Want to soak away your troubles? Cannabis-infused bath bombs and salts offer an extra layer of relaxation. You won’t get high, but you will feel a deep level of calm.

Try: Om Edibles bath salts.


Mmm, That Tastes Good!

Edibles have become so delicious, it’s hard to have just one! Thankfully, many are formulated for microdosing so you can easily get that nice chilled out feeling of a glass of wine, but without the hangover.

Try: Garden Society Bright Blooms, low dose THC/THCA Herb Gelées

Aches and pains? Feeling down because it’s dark at 5pm? Add a dose of CBD honey to your tea for all over good feelings without a high.

Try: Honey Pot artisan crafted cannabis-infused honey, available in CBD, or THC for a little euphoria.

Want a strong euphoric pick-me-up? THC and coffee are perfect partners to make you feel amazing. But as delicious as it is, start with a small serving to test the waters.

Try: Somatik cannabis infused Ritual Roasters cold brew.


Spice Up The Party . . .

With only 5mg of THC per bottle, a festive cannabis sparkling drink will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy and ready to curl up by the fire.

Try: La Grandeur THC sparkling cranberry beverage.

Want to make everyone at your holiday party super chilled out? Kikoko developed a tea cocktail recipe using their CBD tea, so anyone can enjoy it. “The Betty” will take everyone down a notch, but the high-CBD content means no one will feel high. They’ll just relax, hard.

Try: Kikoko Tea Cocktails

Alcohol only bars are boring. Diversify your offerings this year with a nice display of vape pens. Pro tip: if you’re concerned about germs, have little alcohol wipes out for people to clean the tips before using.

Try: Bloom Farms  blended and single origin cartridges


The options are endless, and we’re here to help you navigate to find that truly special holiday gift for the cannabis lover in your life!

Holiday Gift Guide 2017

In a holidaze? Overwhelmed by your holiday shopping list? Let us give you some ideas! Our holiday gift guide will help you find the sweetest surprise for everyone on your list.

More of an in-person shopper? Check out all these makers and designers on Sunday, December 3rd during our Oakland Holiday Show at Jack London Square!

Easy A

Whether you’re a freshman in college or getting your PhD,  make the grade with these student-friendly gifts. 


  1. 2018 calendar from Melissa Holden Art
  2. All-in-one laundry bag from Chipmunk Bags
  3. Loungewear from Color Cloud Mill
  4. Pen holder from Cleverhands
  5. Drinkware from Khordz Mugs
  6. Moisturizer (with SPF!) from Skincare by Feleciai
  7. Candles from Rx Candles

The Animal Lover

From dinosaurs to pugs, we’ve got you covered. 


  1. Air planter from Fractal Flora
  2. Goods Starter Kit from Goods Holding Co.
  3. Custom made dog bandanna from Frenchie Couture
  4. Upcycled dog bow tie from An Urban Tail
  5. Artwork from Maggie Hurley Art
  6. Tiger long-sleeved tee from Wildlife Works
  7. Pet collar from Love is Project

Dudes & Dads

Always stumped on what to get the special guy in your life? Look no further.


  1. Oakland tee from Rich & Riot
  2. Duffles from GURO Designs
  3. Time piece from Bespoke Watches
  4. Warriors shirt from Studio Nico
  5. Sake set from Somnia City
  6. Outerwear from Endless Journey
  7. Hoodie from DESO


Stocking Stuffers

Deck the halls with these little gifts.


  1. Sunglasses from Kahoy Kollection
  2. Collages from more the merrlier
  3. Ties from Five and Diamond
  4. Accessories from Paloma
  5. Tattoo aftercare set from Susie Q. Skin
  6. Holiday cards from Say Something Cards
  7. Moon Calendar from Circle & Crescent



…because you deserve it!


  1. Gemstone crown from Chablee
  2. Creamy body soap sampler from Brenda’s Body
  3. Prints from Bethany Eden Watercolor
  4. Bags from Kue Handmade
  5. Jewelry from S for Sparkle
  6. Graphic jeans from Butterfly Jeans
  7. Handmade dinner plates from BrookeLyn Ceramics
  8. Sweaters from 1×1

#meetthemaker: Merril Seidl of more the merrlier

To countdown to our two-part holiday show, we’re kicking off a new #meetthemaker series to get to know our DIY Night makers and artists a little bit better. If you haven’t already, RSVP for our DIY Night on Friday, December 1st and stop by Merril’s booth to collage your own holiday cards!

Enter our holiday tote bag giveaway to win a five-pack of holiday cards from Merril, along with other amazing gifts!

Merril Seidl of more the merrlier is a water resources engineer by day, maker by night, and now she’ll be participating in her first major craft show with Urban Air Market. We have a feeling we’ll be seeing more and more of Merril at shows around the Bay!

Tell us a bit about your journey as a maker. When/why did you create your company and where do you see it in the next 2 years?

“I was first introduced to the miracle of modge podge in middle school and I began to decorate any notebook that crossed my fingertips. However, it wasn’t until I was living alone in central Honduras after college that I truly began to delve into the joy that collaging brought me. From 2008 until 2016, ‘scrapping,’ as my now husband referred to it, became my outlet to combat stress and eventually developed into what I would describe as my ultimate form of play. As far as the next two years, I see more the merrlier evolving into a brand that is beyond greeting cards and invitations, but what that may be is still unfolding to me. In the meantime, I will continue to cultivate this craft and in turn encourage others to build community one card at a time… go forth and spread a smile!”

What inspires you?

“It may be cliché, but everything! I love in Big Magic when Liz Gilbert talks about ideas just floating around in the universe, looking for means to manifest. In this way, I cannot pin down one thing or another that inspires me, it is an amalgamation of all I have ever been, am, and will be exposed to with a touch of magic.”

What’s your favorite gift to give during the holiday season and why?

“An experience, handmade card and/or thoughtful note, because at the end of the day the most wonderful gift we have is our community with each other.”

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?

“I have received many wonderful gifts in my life, but one of the most memorable was from a little old lady in Peru. Her name was Yerma and she lived in a adobe house with a leaky tin roof, no sanitation, no water, and the most beautiful crocheted quilts. My last week of Peace Corps, Yerma presented me with a vibrant purple piece. Overcome with emotion, I said I couldn’t take it, but she insisted. I still have and cherish this quilt but what I will never forget is the huge smile on her face when she wiped my tears and told me ‘La vida es un tango, y dios nos quiera bailar,’ or rather, life is a tango and God wants us to dance. The ability of those with so little to have and spread joy is the gift of perspective that I return to over and over again.”

What is your favorite part of participating in markets and meeting your clients face to face?

“I did my first pop-up a month ago and it was such a delight to exchange energy and smiles with my customers. I have a diverse collection of cards and I loved hearing each story of why someone was drawn to a particular design.”

When you’re not crafting away, where can we find you?

“I am a scrapper by night and a water resources engineer by day. When not engaging in these activities you will find me gardening, on a yoga mat, or hanging out with family and friends, preferably in the great outdoors!”

Show us where you work!

“I work amidst 30 houseplants in the front room of my husband and I’s small apartment. Our one table (scored from Urban Ore) is covered in scraps so we eat on the couch or the floor.  The chair I sit in came all the way from my dear grandmother’s farmhouse outside of Buffalo, New York.”

Any advice for first time vendors??

“It is my first time at large craft show myself! My mantra is to be where I am and have some fun! I am perfectionist so not having everything exactly as I envision it is always a struggle, but, if I have learned anything, it is that we are always changing and growing, and the journey is the whole point!”

Bonus: Merril’s adorable pups! 

Volunteer with Urban Air Market

Do you love fashion, holiday festivities, and meeting new people?

If you love all the above,  you won’t want to miss the chance to volunteer for Urban Air Market, a woman-owned company that produces awesome events in the SF Bay Area!

Volunteers can choose to work either of the following events On Friday, December 1st and Sunday, December 3rd

1) Urban Air Market: DIY Night

FRIDAY December 1st  5:30pm-8:30pm 

Work a 1 hour shift in exchange for free access to 20 DIY stations you can make your own holiday gift at! 

2) Urban Air Market: Holiday Show

SUNDAY December 3rd 10am-6pm

Work a 2 hour shift in exchange for a free Urban Air Market T-Shirt or Holiday Tote bag, plus shopping at 140+ clothing, apparel, and art booths all day! 

To qualify to volunteer you must: 

  • Be available for a 1-2 hour shift at the event of your choice
  • Have reliable transportation to and from Jack London Square, Oakland California for your shift 
  • Have your own iphone to check-in attendees

LAST DAY to sign up: Monday, November 27th, 2017. 

Kicking Secret Santa’s Butt: Oakland Holiday Show Giveaway

If you RSVP on Eventbrite and check in at our info booth during our Sunday, December 3rd show, you can score a FREE shopper’s tote made by Studio Nico to carry your holiday shopping throughout the day. Totes are on a first come, first stoked basis!

But in honor of our two-part holiday show, TWO lucky winners will get a chance to win a tote bag filled with amazing items from some of our generous vendors.


Enter by Friday, December 1st 11:59 PST. We will contact the winner via email on Saturday, December 2nd. Be sure that your social media profiles are PUBLIC so we can check to see that you’re a real life human! If chosen, come to our market on Sunday, December 3rd anytime from 11am – 6pm with a photo ID to claim your prize!

Enter to win here!


Check out what you can potentially win:

  1. A diamond candle from Embla
  2. A beaded necklace from CLOTHCRAFTE
  3. Handstitched doll by Lisa Inez
  4. A paper ornament DIY kit to jazz up your tree from Say Something Cards
  5. Three bars of soap from Skincare by Feleciai
  6. Hand towel from Mandalina Love
  7. Palm Springs zip clutch for your next getaway by Studio Nico
  8. Sterling silver double bare earrings from Maya Bauman (a $155 value!)
  9. A hat from NDLS JRNY
  10. Oakland maze map from Dirt Alley Design.
  11. Hella cool uterus pin from Phoebe Sherman
  12. Body butter stick for beauty on-the-go by Sheek Organics
  13. A bundle of small prints from Carmen McNall
  14. Stay hydrated with the conway weekender bag from Smith and Starr
  15. Handmade mug made from black mountain clay from East2West Pottery
  16. Sterling silver earrings from Melissa Scoppa (a $52 value!)
  17. “Wolfie” Flat Pouch from Curio Wolf
  18. Five-pack of holiday cards from more the merrlier, so you never run out!
  19. A  bath bomb set from Yuzu Soap
  20. Two bottles of nail polish from TaupeCoat Cosmetics


Go make your holiday merry and enter today!

#meetthemaker: Bethany Eden

To countdown to our two-part holiday show, we’re kicking off a new #meetthemaker series to get to know our DIY Night makers and artists a little bit better. If you haven’t already, RSVP for our DIY Night on Friday, December 1st and don’t miss Bethany’s watercolor holiday card station!

Bethany Eden of Bethany Eden Watercolor started working full-time as an artist and a maker only 3 years ago, but she’s already connected with the San Francisco art community in a big way, doing everything from exhibiting in galleries to teaching creative workshops and running an Etsy shop. Did we mention she’s also expecting her first child? Read on to see just how Bethany balances everything. (Netflix may be involved)

Tell us a bit about your journey as a maker. When/why did you create your company and where do you see it in the next 2 years?

“I started working as an artist and maker full-time 3 years ago after moving to the Bay Area and getting married. I wanted to fully pursue my creative passions and see what I could create and how I could connect with others using my art. I’ve really enjoyed getting to be a part of the creative community in San Francisco and getting to share my art in different ways. I’m expecting my first child soon, so I’m planning to focus on being a mom and painting conceptual pieces when I have time, and scale back on the other opportunities for now. In two years I hope to have more of my paintings in galleries and cafes around the Bay Area in two years, and to have grown as an artist and mother.”

What inspires you?

“Stories about honest emotions and sacrifice. I often find myself creating metaphorical paintings based on stories I’ve heard and lessons I’ve learned. I’m also inspired by quality design that is playful and clean. I recently visited Japan and fell in love with all of the thoughtful design used for everything.”

What’s your favorite gift to give during the holiday season and why?

“I love giving personalized art to my family and friends, such as watercolor portraits. I think seeing yourself in illustration form is enjoyable for people, and it is something unique that no one else could give them.”

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?

“My husband! Ha, not really something you can buy and wrap up, but he is a great gift to me. I’ve enjoyed the handmade gifts from friends and family, like hand-carved wooden objects or original songs written for me where I can tell a lot of time and thought went into them.”

What is your favorite part of participating in markets and meeting your clients face to face?

“Seeing people made happy by my art is such an honor, as well as getting to answer questions about the meaning behind my work. I also sometimes offer custom portraits painted live at markets, and when the customer hangs around to watch me paint I enjoy getting to explain some of the process and see them get inspired to create art of their own.”

When you’re not crafting away, where can we find you?

“Hanging out with friends, hosting get-togethers, or exploring different parts of the Bay Area with my husband. I also have a hearty Netflix addiction that I tend to.”

Show us where you work!

“We’ve recently moved to a new apartment so I’m sure the sketches and paintings will begin to spread out and takeover the rest of my home soon enough.”

Any advice for first time vendors?

“Expect to make mistakes and try to find small things to be thankful for, even if the first few shows aren’t as successful as you’d hoped. Try to learn something new to try next time and make a note of what worked well for you. After about 10 craft shows, I started to realize what worked well for my booth in terms of display, price points, types of markets, amount of inventory, how to talk to customers…Bring a friend and try to have fun and enjoy the creativity around you!”

#meetthemaker: Kristen Young of Color Cloud Mill

To countdown to our two-part holiday show, we’re kicking off a new #meetthemaker series to get to know our DIY Night makers and artists a little bit better. If you haven’t already, RSVP for our DIY Night on Friday, December 1st and don’t miss Kristen’s beginner block printing workshop!

Today we’re chatting with Kristen Young of Color Cloud Mill. Her bold block prints and patterns are not the only things inspired by a love of nature and art. “We really, really, love nature.  We choose organic and sustainable fabrics.  We manufacture all of our clothing in the United States.  We feel choices like this decrease our carbon foot-print and helps protect the world that we raise our children in.”

Kristen in the middle!

Tell us a bit about your journey as a maker. When/why did you create your company and where do you see it in the next 2 years?

“Color Cloud Mill was founded about two years ago.  The inspiration for our brand name stems from the many mornings and evenings spent with my son while either driving to school or headed home, and our love of sunrises and sunsets along the Pacific Coastline.  My son would call sunrises and sunsets Color Clouds and it fueled and inspired Color Cloud Mill as a brand name.  Before [Color Cloud Mill], I first started a brand CLOTH, also inspired by my son.  When my son was a wee baby, I used cloth diapers and I wanted to create a children’s clothing line that would fit over cloth diapers like a dream.  I created a snap suit and baby jean, designed to be cloth diaper friendly and/or grow with baby, using only organic and sustainable fibers and cut/sewn in the USA. As my son grew older I knew my brand needed to evolve and I wanted to offer a broader range of sizes and offerings, this is when I chose to rebrand to Color Cloud Mill.”

What inspires you?

“Living a creative life feeds our soul.  Color, texture, shape, lines, form, dimensionality – All of it – We are in love with how the artistic process leads you some where you’ve never been. The process brings you together with other creative minds.  It connects you to new ideas and can result in beautiful collaborations.”

What’s your favorite gift to give during the holiday season and why?

“For the adults in my life I love giving a good, local bottle of the BUBBLES!  For the kiddos in my life I love giving experiences or something they can be creative with.”

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?

“A brass snake ring my son picked out & gave me last year over the holidays.”

What is your favorite part of participating in markets and meeting your clients face to face?

“I love the energy & vibe of each market – I have met so many amazing artists, makers and customers who make me feel alive and part of a community.”

When you’re not crafting away, where can we find you?

“So many places…..haha!  I work as a Speech & Language Pathologist for our local school district, as well as, manage our brick & mortar shop, Barge North Company and last but not least, be with my family & friends, eating amazing food and spending time on the coast and inland in Northern Cali.”


Show us where you work!


Any advice for first time vendors??

“Remember to have fun with it!  There will be bumps in the road, and you will probably feel a bit stressed at certain points leading up to the day of the show or during the set up, but just remind yourself why you are there.  You are there because you are a passionate, artistic human who wants to share that passion with others. “

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