How SAVA – Our Oakland sponsor is changing the cannabis industry!

How SAVA – Our Oakland sponsor is changing the cannabis industry!

Sava: Women Supporting Women in Cannabis



Women have been involved in the cannabis industry for decades. As growers, as product formulators, as caregivers who provide it to loved ones in pain. As the green rush takes over and money pours into the cannabis industry – which has historically had a higher than average number of women founders and CEOs – we are seeing a decline of women in leadership positions. Sava is working to change that. 


As a women-founded and led company, Sava is committed to lifting up other women founders. That’s why half of the products on their platform are from women-owned brands. You can even sort by that value in their shop. 


Furthermore, their product selection is curated with women in mind. “We carry the products we want to use, and those we would recommend to our best friends, mothers, and sisters,” says Andrea Brooks, Sava founder and CEO. “In addition to our rigorous screening process around the source of the cannabis and the manufacturing process, that test really is at the heart of our curation – would I use this product?”


Sava founders believe that there is a perfect cannabis experience for everyone, and they are on a mission to help you discover what that means for you. They do this via online educational resources, a  well-trained customer support team that is available by phone and email, and by offering free 20-min phone consultations.


Want to unwind after a long day, get a good night’s sleep, or replace that cocktail with something that will leave you far less hungover? Visit their online marketplace to see the best cannabis California has to offer, and order for delivery to your door. Visit to get started! 


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