Let’s Get Social: Social Media Influencer Opportunity for Independent Designers

Go on Instagram, Twitter, any social media channel. You might notice how everyone talks about sending products to influencers in exchange for sponsored posts, but it’s more challenging than you may think.


This “influencer” may have some or all of the following:


1. Fake followers.

2. Doesn’t post.

3. Low-quality pictures.


For smaller companies, we totally get that it’s risky to send out products hundreds of times a year in the hope of increased sales. We want to help, so keep reading to learn about a special discount opportunity for our vendors!


When we discovered ApexDrop, who’s just killing it in this space, we were excited to share it with our members.  This agency is known for helping emerging fashion and apparel brands, like Panda Sunglasses and Ark Swimwear, run large scale micro-influencer campaigns from their Fashion Influence Network.  Marketers who use their system are looking to increase sponsored content while boosting traffic, sales, and followers.


From our discussions, ApexDrop has shown they are all about helping emerging fashion brands – and that’s something we can get behind.  The CEO, Zakary Stahlsmith said “The Nikes of the world are great but they really don’t need our help.  We prefer to help a brand that could really use a competitive advantage where (micro-influencers) talk about them.”  When asked about how expensive their system is he said, “We offer packages to designers that need ROI on a limited budget. Take for example a legging company we just helped called K-Deer. They saw nearly double their investment in sponsored content alone.  It’s unreal the buzz and insights our clients get, so many sign up for our annual services.”


Some fashionable ApexDrop influencers joined us at our last event in Los Angeles and this worked out for both the influencer and for our members.  “Not only does a brand and the event get exposure, but the influencer gets some free product and street cred from the whole thing”, explained Jenna Tobin, Campaign Manager for ApexDrop.  She went on to say, “When it makes sense and is fun for everyone involved, it’s a win-win-win”.  


Here are some examples from vendors at our LA show using ApexDrop!


If you’re a brand that’s curious about gifting your products to popular ApexDrop influencers in exchange for hundreds of quality branded posts, we recommend hitting them up.  Even better, until June 30, 2017, UAM members will receive $500 off any influencer campaign when they mention promo UAM500.  Just schedule a free demo presentation to get started here:  http://apexdrop.com/contact/ 


Got a tight budget? Well EXCLUSIVE for this summer only, ApexDrop is also offering a Co-Brand Package, where an influencer or blogger features two brands side by side, effectively cutting your campaign cost in HALF. This offer is the lowest cost ApexDrop has ever offered and won’t be around for long.


Can’t wait to see your posts!

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