Music’s in the (Urban) Air!

Need a soundtrack while you shop? We’ve got you covered! Check out the incredible musicians lined up for our highly anticipated Urban Air Market Los Feliz show. From acoustic soul to sexy international jazz, you’ll definitely find yourself moving to an infectious beat or two!




Dani W & Andrew Garcia

Dani W and Andrew Garcia, a dynamic duo serves up an acoustic soul vibe that feels like home again. The duo often partners with global organizations to impact women and students in local communities, inspiring and empowering growth through original music such as “Legacy”. Dani W has also been heard on networks such as E! and Oxygen. Join the adventure!


Frances Livings’ Ipanema Lounge

The multilingual jazz singer and songstress Frances Livings and her trio Ipanema Lounge offer a unique, interesting & international repertoire: a sensual and enticing blend of Mediterranean/Latin pop and jazz in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. All driven by creative and infectious Tango, Bossa Nova or Swing grooves. Her musical performances express a rich atmosphere of cultural diversity that they guarantee to carry you along on an emotional journey – loved by both jazz enthusiasts and those who never considered themselves jazz fans!


The Irish Goodbye

Kevin Brennan and Jeff Cohlman became brothers through music. They have recorded and played extensively in all corners of Southern California. Songs of heartbreak, drinking and triumph. This is The Irish Goodbye. The latest EP, “This Machine Kills” is available now wherever finer music streams.


Jonny Sands

Jonny Sands provides a refreshing departure from the typical singer/songwriter style that has become so ubiquitous in the coffee shops and bars around America and beyond. Sands uses unique and sonically textured guitar arrangements to compliment his pensive and earnest lyrical style. His songs tend to be free of the cutesy hooks and cliché ideas that are prevalent in the genre, and if you listen closely you will feel the depth of the ideas that he packs into short but powerful phrases.



MB3 knows loves crossing musical boundaries. From Tin Pan Alley classics of the 1920’s to rock era to originals in a freewheeling arrays of genres, this trio loves to discover and explore great tunes, create fun grooves and develop a great rapport with audiences. Guitarist/singer Martin Blasick has placed many of his songs in movies including co-writing with Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey for Magic Mike, and having his song “Don’t Move On” performed by Lindsey Lohan in Disney’s Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen. Multi talented bassist Jon Alvarez is a studio whiz in addition to playing for top acts. Kerry Crutchfield drummed for the award winners blues band The Curbfeelers. In the words of the immortal Duke Ellington – “If it sounds good, it is good.”


Sylvia Bosco

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Sylvia Bosco has been performing both as an actor and singer since childhood. She started writing songs and playing guitar at twelve years old, and gained her first residency at Room 5 Lounge at 16. While her passion is in music, Sylvia continues to pursue acting on screen and on stage. She holds a Bachelor’s in Theatre Arts from California State Univ. Fullerton, and recently earned a certificate in Artist Development from California College of Music. She performs regularly at LA venues, farmer’s markets, community events, and vintage craft fairs. Currently, Sylvia is mixing her debut EP, “Mesmerized” which is scheduled to be released mid 2018.



11am – 1pm:         MB3

1pm – 2pm:          Dani W & Andrew Garcia

2pm – 3pm:          Frances Livings’ Ipanema Lounge

3pm – 4pm:          Jonny Sands

4pm – 5pm:          The Irish Goodbye

5pm – 6pm:          Sylvia Bosco


Los Feliz is gonna be jumpin’ on Sunday, June 3rd! Don’t miss out on this amazing pop-up event, RSVP here!

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