Meet Our Sustainable Fashion Alliance Members

If you visit the San Francisco Bay Area, you’re visiting the home to some of the most innovative and sustainable fashion brands operating today. But we know how difficult it is for small and local shops to compete with large companies and “fast fashion” — which is where the Sustainable Fashion Alliance comes in.

Established in 2016 by Joyce Hu and Andrea Plell, The Sustainable Fashion Alliance is a member based community of professionals that was founded to provide apparel and accessories companies a communal support system of resources and shared opportunities.

In order to enhance the local fashion community, and successfully create positive change in the industry, our voice is more potent in union. That’s why we feel fortunate to have a few members of the SFA participating in our DIY Night and our 12.3 holiday market. Read on to learn more about our SFA brands and visit Jack London Square on 12.1 and 12.3 to see them in action!


“Seasons are out. Collections are in. Founded by Ashley Denisov in 2016, 1×1’s mission is to create modern pieces with a unique yet timeless wardrobe staples and designing and releasing them — one at a time.

Our unique approach lets us focus on what we care about most: taking the time to design and develop the best product possible, hand in hand with local manufacturers.

Sustainability and local manufacturing are at the heart of what we do. We source ecologically responsible materials whenever possible and work with partners like Imperial Stock Ranch, whose commitment to sustainably produced wool is truly inspiring. Our factories are located in the Los Angeles area, which allows us to visit them often and closely oversee the production process from start to finish. We strongly value our partnerships with our manufacturers whose expertise is an invaluable element in the creation of our product.”

Alamere Designs

“We needed a jacket that could go anywhere and do anything. In San Francisco, a bike ride across town can mean quickly shifting from dense fog to bright sun (ask Karl). Designing with this challenge in mind led us to blend two key things – a design that had a classic, adaptable style and the best technical fabrics from the outdoor industry, proven to provide weatherproofing and warmth. We thought about how to create a design that could fit in while you ride your bike, at the bar you (might be) riding to, at your “day job”, climbing that random boulder for a better view of the ocean, and any adventures you might have in between.

Being a small business we place extra emphasis on the quality of the few things we release. And in order to allow our visions to come to life we need the ability to visit our products while on the line and make sure every zipper, cut, and pattern is up to our specifications. In addition to the fair labor concerns for production in Asia, the decision to focus on local manufacturing was an easy one. We love our factories. They’re like family and we always solve problems together, as a team. We celebrate our successes and grow together.

We’re always thinking – how can we make this better? We do extensive surveying and testing before a jacket even hits the shelves, incorporating as much feedback from our friends and customers on everything we do. Parts of entirely different jackets might be blended or redesigned with an intriguing fabric to create something radically new. That’s a huge part of why we choose to make everything locally and produce in small batches – not only are the pieces unique but a product of the whole community.”


Anna Monet Jewelry

Inspired by the beauty of the West Coast landscape and incorporating elements of ancient jewelry design, San Francisco designer Anna Monet creates original pieces celebrating timeless femininity and natural beauty. Anna crafts statement jewelry for everyday wear, and is proud to be part of a sustainable fashion movement, conscious of ethical sourcing and production. All of the horsehair have been gathered by groups of Native Americans located in the NW and SW regions of the United States.

“My process of creating jewelry revolves around gem cutting, silversmithing, and natural dyeing. Every step of my process is done by hand. Oftentimes the original shape of a rough material — gemstone or horsehair — will lend itself toward the ultimate form of the piece. My studio is located in beautiful San Francisco, where nature meets urban aesthetics. The city of San Francisco and California coast continue to inspire my work on the daily.”


EST WST Collective

“We’re a brother-sister team who started EST WST Collective out of the understanding that every action has an effect on the planet and its population. We recognize the potential for positive impact and envision a sustainable brand that connects consumers to artists and their culture through design.

The inspiration for EST WST began when we traveled to Nepal and India in 2010. Our parents spent 12 years in the small landlocked country, which included our early years. We fell in love with many aspects of the culture in South Asia, including the general warm-hearted nature of the people, the creativity, the calculated chaos, the pristine beauty, the chai and the tradition of weaving. We learned about the diverse cultural traditions in Nepal and the importance of the handloom industry in India. We became aware of the decline in handloom textiles and the desperate need for sustainable development in rural regions. And we connected with the next generation of students, artists and visionaries who are pushing the status quo.

Through EST WST Collective, we support the balance of preservation and modernization. We believe there can be progress without the compensation of culture.” 



YOLOTLI combines art, style and longevity to create timeless designs for the sophisticated and conscious customer by promoting excellent craftsmanship, artisanal techniques and the highest quality natural materials.

Nicole has lived and worked on and off in Germany, Mexico, Argentina, Guatemala and the USA. Since her very first visit to Mexico in 2003 she has felt a deep connection with the country itself and its rich and beautiful culture. The name YOLOTLI, which means HEART in Nahuatl – a native language of Mexico, celebrates that and pays homage to a culture that has deeply inspired her and continues to influence her worldly approach to fashion and design.

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