#meetthemaker: Kristen Young of Color Cloud Mill

To countdown to our two-part holiday show, we’re kicking off a new #meetthemaker series to get to know our DIY Night makers and artists a little bit better. If you haven’t already, RSVP for our DIY Night on Friday, December 1st and don’t miss Kristen’s beginner block printing workshop!

Today we’re chatting with Kristen Young of Color Cloud Mill. Her bold block prints and patterns are not the only things inspired by a love of nature and art. “We really, really, love nature.  We choose organic and sustainable fabrics.  We manufacture all of our clothing in the United States.  We feel choices like this decrease our carbon foot-print and helps protect the world that we raise our children in.”

Kristen in the middle!

Tell us a bit about your journey as a maker. When/why did you create your company and where do you see it in the next 2 years?

“Color Cloud Mill was founded about two years ago.  The inspiration for our brand name stems from the many mornings and evenings spent with my son while either driving to school or headed home, and our love of sunrises and sunsets along the Pacific Coastline.  My son would call sunrises and sunsets Color Clouds and it fueled and inspired Color Cloud Mill as a brand name.  Before [Color Cloud Mill], I first started a brand CLOTH, also inspired by my son.  When my son was a wee baby, I used cloth diapers and I wanted to create a children’s clothing line that would fit over cloth diapers like a dream.  I created a snap suit and baby jean, designed to be cloth diaper friendly and/or grow with baby, using only organic and sustainable fibers and cut/sewn in the USA. As my son grew older I knew my brand needed to evolve and I wanted to offer a broader range of sizes and offerings, this is when I chose to rebrand to Color Cloud Mill.”

What inspires you?

“Living a creative life feeds our soul.  Color, texture, shape, lines, form, dimensionality – All of it – We are in love with how the artistic process leads you some where you’ve never been. The process brings you together with other creative minds.  It connects you to new ideas and can result in beautiful collaborations.”

What’s your favorite gift to give during the holiday season and why?

“For the adults in my life I love giving a good, local bottle of the BUBBLES!  For the kiddos in my life I love giving experiences or something they can be creative with.”

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?

“A brass snake ring my son picked out & gave me last year over the holidays.”

What is your favorite part of participating in markets and meeting your clients face to face?

“I love the energy & vibe of each market – I have met so many amazing artists, makers and customers who make me feel alive and part of a community.”

When you’re not crafting away, where can we find you?

“So many places…..haha!  I work as a Speech & Language Pathologist for our local school district, as well as, manage our brick & mortar shop, Barge North Company and last but not least, be with my family & friends, eating amazing food and spending time on the coast and inland in Northern Cali.”


Show us where you work!


Any advice for first time vendors??

“Remember to have fun with it!  There will be bumps in the road, and you will probably feel a bit stressed at certain points leading up to the day of the show or during the set up, but just remind yourself why you are there.  You are there because you are a passionate, artistic human who wants to share that passion with others. “

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