#meetthemaker: Laureano Faedi of Paloma

To countdown to our two-part holiday show, we’re kicking off a new #meetthemaker series to get to know our DIY Night makers and artists a little bit better. If you enjoyed Laureano’s leather ornament workshop, stop by his booth at Urban Air Market: Holiday Show!

As someone who comes from family of makers, it’s no secret that Laureano Faedi of Paloma loves gifting handmade treasures to his friends and family. But can you guess what’s his newest favorite object to give? The answer may surprise you. And if you want to check out Laureano’s leather goods in person, make sure to stop by his brick-and-mortar store in Hayes Valley!

Tell us a bit about your journey as a maker. When/why did you create your company and where do you see it in the next 2 years?

“I come from a family of makers; my mom and dad used to make dolls in Buenos Aires, so I grew up in a very creative environment. I started with SF Breakers, my current line, about three years ago to showcase all the other things I make outside of the Gangs of San Francisco apparel brand, which I’ve been doing for only 10 years. All I can hope for in the future is that people continue to enjoy what I make for them, and I love seeing how my pieces age and patina over time. They just keep getting better.”

What inspires you?

“Learning new skills and traveling. No matter how long I’ve been doing something, I’m always looking to learn new techniques, collaborate and learn from other people and cultures. It helps keep my perspective fresh and engaged in what I’m working on.”

What’s your favorite gift to give during the holiday season and why?

“Lately I’ve been making leather-covered stones. I’m not the first to do them, but I think I’m probably making the biggest ones out there—the last one was about 50 pounds. I like them because it’s one of those items that really has no purpose and people are both floored and confused by them.”

 What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?

“Raw Brass Fisher Space Pen. it fits in my pocket and because it’s raw brass it just looks better and better with age.”

 What is your favorite part of participating in markets and meeting your clients face to face?

“Most of my leather goods can be customized, so it’s great being able to interact with my customers in person and seeing what they come up with. I like being able to help them get something they’re really excited about.”

When you’re not crafting away, where can we find you?

“If I’m not traveling, I’m on some cliff playing with radio-controlled gliders. It’s a really peaceful yet challenging hobby.”

Show us where you work!

Any advice for first time vendors?

“I would ask them to come say hi! I love meeting other people who enjoy making things.”

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