#meetthemaker: Merril Seidl of more the merrlier

To countdown to our two-part holiday show, we’re kicking off a new #meetthemaker series to get to know our DIY Night makers and artists a little bit better. If you haven’t already, RSVP for our DIY Night on Friday, December 1st and stop by Merril’s booth to collage your own holiday cards!

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Merril Seidl of more the merrlier is a water resources engineer by day, maker by night, and now she’ll be participating in her first major craft show with Urban Air Market. We have a feeling we’ll be seeing more and more of Merril at shows around the Bay!

Tell us a bit about your journey as a maker. When/why did you create your company and where do you see it in the next 2 years?

“I was first introduced to the miracle of modge podge in middle school and I began to decorate any notebook that crossed my fingertips. However, it wasn’t until I was living alone in central Honduras after college that I truly began to delve into the joy that collaging brought me. From 2008 until 2016, ‘scrapping,’ as my now husband referred to it, became my outlet to combat stress and eventually developed into what I would describe as my ultimate form of play. As far as the next two years, I see more the merrlier evolving into a brand that is beyond greeting cards and invitations, but what that may be is still unfolding to me. In the meantime, I will continue to cultivate this craft and in turn encourage others to build community one card at a time… go forth and spread a smile!”

What inspires you?

“It may be cliché, but everything! I love in Big Magic when Liz Gilbert talks about ideas just floating around in the universe, looking for means to manifest. In this way, I cannot pin down one thing or another that inspires me, it is an amalgamation of all I have ever been, am, and will be exposed to with a touch of magic.”

What’s your favorite gift to give during the holiday season and why?

“An experience, handmade card and/or thoughtful note, because at the end of the day the most wonderful gift we have is our community with each other.”

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?

“I have received many wonderful gifts in my life, but one of the most memorable was from a little old lady in Peru. Her name was Yerma and she lived in a adobe house with a leaky tin roof, no sanitation, no water, and the most beautiful crocheted quilts. My last week of Peace Corps, Yerma presented me with a vibrant purple piece. Overcome with emotion, I said I couldn’t take it, but she insisted. I still have and cherish this quilt but what I will never forget is the huge smile on her face when she wiped my tears and told me ‘La vida es un tango, y dios nos quiera bailar,’ or rather, life is a tango and God wants us to dance. The ability of those with so little to have and spread joy is the gift of perspective that I return to over and over again.”

What is your favorite part of participating in markets and meeting your clients face to face?

“I did my first pop-up a month ago and it was such a delight to exchange energy and smiles with my customers. I have a diverse collection of cards and I loved hearing each story of why someone was drawn to a particular design.”

When you’re not crafting away, where can we find you?

“I am a scrapper by night and a water resources engineer by day. When not engaging in these activities you will find me gardening, on a yoga mat, or hanging out with family and friends, preferably in the great outdoors!”

Show us where you work!

“I work amidst 30 houseplants in the front room of my husband and I’s small apartment. Our one table (scored from Urban Ore) is covered in scraps so we eat on the couch or the floor.  The chair I sit in came all the way from my dear grandmother’s farmhouse outside of Buffalo, New York.”

Any advice for first time vendors??

“It is my first time at large craft show myself! My mantra is to be where I am and have some fun! I am perfectionist so not having everything exactly as I envision it is always a struggle, but, if I have learned anything, it is that we are always changing and growing, and the journey is the whole point!”

Bonus: Merril’s adorable pups! 

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