#meetthemaker: Michelle Mosley of An Urban Tail

To countdown to our two-part holiday show, we’re kicking off a new #meetthemaker series to get to know our DIY Night makers and artists a little bit better. If you enjoyed Michelle’s pet bandanna workshop, stop by her booth at Urban Air Market: Holiday Show!

For all you dog lovers, Michelle Mosley’s An Urban Tail is one business to keep under your radar! Read on to learn more about how her beloved dog Stella inspired her to create her very dapper doggy accessories.

Tell us a bit about your journey as a maker. When/why did you create your company and where do you see it in the next 2 years?

“About 5 years ago, I had this awesome skirt (well, I thought it was awesome — some may say tacky.) Nonetheless, my booty had grown too large for it, but I did not want to part with. I randomly came up with the idea to make a bow tie for my [dog] Stella. LOVED it so I made a matching collar. Received hella compliments and at the time I was in LA taking classes so I started to sell at Melrose Trading Post every Sunday. In two years, I would really like to have a solid online presence.”

What inspires you?

“I have been a thrift store chick since high school. I love finding an otherwise forgotten skirt or shirt with this amazing pattern and turning it into something someone;s fur child will rock. Also, and I think this goes without saying, dressing a four legged friend in a sweater or bow tie just lights up my happy place.”

What’s your favorite gift to give during the holiday season and why?

“I love to give experiences. Day spa trips, acupuncture, zip-lining, or an amazing bottle of wine. I also enjoy giving anything that promotes relaxation. A great gift could be a book, bubble bath and a lavender candle. AHHHHHHH!”

 What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?

“My mom loves estate sales and finding treasures. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree! I am originally from Detroit and she found an an overlock sewing machine which I had been dying for. The best part…the previous owner was a costume maker for Detroit Theatre and she left all the notes about the machine. I feel like I have a piece of history and pray some of that creative energy came with the machine.”

What is your favorite part of participating in markets and meeting your clients face to face?

“I love to hear stories about the customers’ dogs. You can literally see the unconditional love in customers faces when they speak of their fur babies. In addition, I love chatting with the other vendors. It is fantastic to be surrounded by people who are doing what they love. The energy is intoxicating.”

When you’re not crafting away, where can we find you?

“Probably the park. I have been playing fetch with my dog Stella at the park for 14 years now and it never gets old. I also love cooking so, I spend a lot of time at grocery stores and/or farmers markets.”

Show us where you work!

Any advice for first time vendors?

“Listen to your customers, but stay true to yourself. What do I mean by this? When I first started doing shows I was so eager to make a sale and please everyone that a customer could say, “Gosh I wish you had dog birkenstocks made out of bamboo and pen caps!” and I would be online trying to figure out how to create this. Stay true to who you are and your customers will find you. It is impossible to satisfy the needs, wants, and tastes of everyone. OH and bring snacks! A hangry sales person is no good.”



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