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Over at DTC, our goal is to not only inspire innovation and produce high quality, gaze-catching products, but we also donate 10% of our monthly earnings to two foundations centric around combatting the nationwide opioid epidemic.


Atonement Design


Atonement Design is on trend and on a mission to build a better world. Through this collection, we provide an array of ethically made and fair trade fashion that seeks to build a better world. Through our own in-house jewelry line we partner with Agape International Missions to help rescue, restore, and reintegrate survivors of human trafficking in Cambodia. By wearing our pieces, women are empowered to walk boldly in their unique style while raising up our fellow sisters near and far.

This company was created out of the founder’s deep conviction to do better with what we have. We are surrounded by heartache and injustice and our mission is to make it easy for women to make a positive impact while also living a fashion-forward lifestyle.

Whether you favor our compilation of clothing and accessories or you’re a fan of our creative jewelry designs- together, we’re making it easy to do something good- and look even better while doing it!


  Soad Kanouni was born in Casablanca, Morocco. The third eldest of eight siblings,  she was raised in a close knit family where her parents provided an environment of love and positive energy,  while teaching values such as respect, independence, the importance of hard work and family. Soad continues to share those same values with her two sons.

     As a young child she had dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. Today Soad can proudly say that she successfully achieved that. As a child Soad would witness her mother’s frustration dealing with local seamstresses hired to make her clothing.  The one thing which her mother was never satisfied with was the fit. She would always express upon her daughters the importance of learning how to sew and make their own clothes that fit properly. Upon this instruction, Soad and her sisters went on to attend fashion school.  Soad took one step further making a business and a passion of her mother’s valuable advice.  

   Soad has long been a mainstay in Los Angeles’ Fashion District. Her 25 plus years of presence in the industry have rendered her an expert pattern maker, skilled business woman and soon to be designer.  Soad has been vigorously involved with several facets of the industry. She specifically harbors an A to Z knowledge of the production process which is further enriched by her valuable wisdom and passion with regards to garment construction.  Her range includes womenswear, menswear and juniors while her familiarity with fabrics and fit is immense. This combined with an ability to interpret various genres including swimwear, sportswear, denim, casual, contemporary, outerwear, bridal and couture create the steadfast foundation upon which her well earned reputation is built.  Soad has collaborated with multinational corporations, companies and private clientele including celebrity stylists and designers. S. Kanouni Pattern Design, fruit of her hard work and experience, has continually provided her clients with top notch patterns destined to be beautiful garments that have graced runways, red carpets, film wardrobes, theaters and ultimately your very own closet.

      She currently continues to challenge herself  by embarking on new adventures. Her S.KANOUNI collections are crafts that she holds close to her heart as it is the culmination of her many years of work and life experience.  It is the fusion of minimalist concepts, hints of her culture and others, an overall relaxed and laid-back vibe. Her vision effortlessly blends earthtones, sustainable and eco-friendly materials, with beautiful eastern inspired silhouettes; resulting in a collection that is versatile and complete in its simplicity with pieces that can be mixed and matched to the heart’s content. 

Bahgsu Jewels


Bahgsu Jewels’ aesthetic is deeply entwined with a respect for wild, natural forces and the crystals created from this energy.

Every piece has a narrative that begins with how mother earth formed it, where it was mined, who cut its shape, why it attracted us and finally how it transformed into a Bahgsu jewel. Ancient cultures across the globe used stones to express their mythologies. Each crystal is embedded with a unique creation myth which might span thousands of years and contain tales of wonder and cosmic power. It has been said that by connecting with sacred stones we are able to evoke the ancient wisdoms of our ancestors.

Chris and Madgi Del Moro have spent their lives bouncing between Italy and Byron Bay, Bali, and Mumbai, with many towns and cities in between, searching for inspiration and peace, but thriving on the road.

Madgi founded Bahgsu Jewels in 2008 after completing a silversmith course in the Himalayan village pronounced Bag – sue during her maiden voyage to Asia ; a 3 month solo journey through India. Chris joined the team a few years later after they fell in love. His artistic skills continue to evolve the brand in countless ways. Now they continue to travel, explore & create with their two little boys Marley & Bodhi.

As creators they strive to keep the business conscious and environmentally friendly, prioritizing the ethical sourcing of all materials. All Bahgsu Jewels are hand cared and crafted. 

Katie Dean Jewelry

I started my jewelry line, Katie Dean Jewelry, as a creative outlet when I was working a 40+ hour job in LA. I created a desk space in the closet underneath my stairs and took every chance I could get to create something. It was so reinvigorating!
Organically the line grew from selling to friends to getting placement on celebrities such as Shay Mitchell, Kylie & Kendall Jenner, Jenna Elfman and more. After a few years, my side passion grew into my full time career.
The focus of the line is a dainty, minimal aesthetic. My goal is to create effortless and timeless pieces that have a feminine touch to them that you can wear everyday.
All pieces are designed and handmade in California.

Topaz & Pearl

Topaz & Pearl is a unique modern-bohemian jewelry line, handcrafted in the bay area. Topaz & Pearl is based in Sonoma County, California where every piece of jewelry is designed by Julia, the founder and visionary behind the brand.  Her mission is to help women move more playfully through life by providing colorful and intentional jewelry for every day.  Topaz & Pearl has a simple mantra: to help you express your bright + bold self.  In a sea of mass-produced fast fashion, Topaz & Pearl stands out in quality and design, bringing you jewelry that is refreshingly different.  Known for their unique beaded and metal designs, you’re sure to find pieces from this designer that will bring a refreshing and unique twist to your jewelry collection.

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