Lil Be


Lil Be is a Los Angeles based baby & kids company inspired by two sisters Lily and Bea Silva. Lil Be (“Lily + Bea = Lil Be”) was born from our firm belief in the ability to inspire adults and children through product. Lil Be is all about unique and inspirational blankets and towels for babies. We believe that words can be very powerful and that’s why all of our products are designed with thoughtful, inspirational phrases. They are outlined in black but have beautiful colors that will grow with your child. Lil Be’s mission is to provide and create unique, creative, and inspirational products. Their guiding principle is to offer a modern, youthful take on baby essentials while using positive words, softest textiles & the highest production quality. The company wants to wrap kids today with Lil Be and surround them with love, confidence, and strength.


Be inspired. Dream to be.

Be the strongest. Dare to be.

Be the love with Lil Be.
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