Often Wander

Often Wander

Often Wander is a women owned and operated business. Originally started in San Diego and has since branched out to San Francisco, they hand pour soy wax candles and hand make jewelry, as well. They’ve since moved onto bath crystals, hair oils, and perfumes, and only going to keep expanding.

Started in January 2012 after spending time abroad, Sarah Larson, the owner came back to California inspired and ready to create.  The first few years started slow; selling creations to friends, then at farmers markets, pop ups, with her small collection of candles, mala necklaces and other beaded jewelry.


In May 2014 she joined forces with her friends Noon Designs to share their first brick and mortar store in Ocean Beach, San Diego, California.


It was in that space where they grew their team, online store, wholesale business, and many collections of candles and jewelry to what it is today.


In September 2018, after years of manifesting, their second brick and mortar store in The Mission District of San Francisco was born. It had always been a dream of hers to have a store on the popular Valencia street in San Francisco, and we are so grateful to be in both SD and SF.With now two stores in separate cities they are able to offer much more in store than ever before.They are proud to carry many locally made products from their friends and other local talents as well as a beautiful eclectic collection of home decor, plants, art, and vintage finds.

They pride ourselves in being able to offer refills to their candle customers and host candle designing events at our shops.



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Urban Air Market: Fall 2019

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