Project Squeeble

Project Squeeble

FiberGirl Designs makes your favorite Monsters!

Monsters are meant to be scary, right? But what if they are not? What if they need love, friends and hugs just as much as you and I?

Rachael Staudt started Project Squeeble to explore these deeply troubling questions and her research thus far has rendered startling results. They want love and they need to come out from under the bed. Regular care and feeding earns one a loyal and steadfast ally. Who knew?

Rachael preps her monster candidates for adoption out into the world from her studio space in Sausalito. There are big galumphing squeebles and wee skwees with tails, soft squishy pillow skweebs with snaggly teeth and googly eyes. Each one, hand-reared along with its siblings, is one of a kind. Crafted from up-cycled clothing, this is the material’s second go round at love, keeping it out of landfills and promoting a happier, kinder planet for us all to share.

About the Artist

Growing up near Sacramento, Rachael spent many hours outdoors in the beautiful golden hills. After moving to Marin County and becoming an accredited adult by getting a math degree, Rachael realized that her true mission in life was to help the environment by using her creativity and skills as a textile artist.

Show participating in:

Urban Air Market: Fall 2019

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