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We’re bringing the heat to LA’s most anticipated event of the year! Urban Air Market will return to our favorite location Los Feliz.

Summertime in LA makes for a perfect setting for Urban Air Market. With the sun shining and the stage set for 100+ creators to take on Los Feliz, the air will be filled with beats from the incredible musicians presented by BackBeatLA all lined up for you!  GET READY to experience artists jammin’ to homegrown music, insightful lyrics and enigmatic frequencies on your casual Sunday afternoon!

We can’t wait!




Marco Arandia & Friends

Guitarist, composer, graduate student studying music in Latin America at CSULA, Marco Arandia yearns to find the beauty in the past to make his art come to the present!


Gemma Castro

Gemma Castro started her journey in the church. She sang in church choir during her formative years – connecting to the spiritual role and importance of music early on. Gemma is currently based out of Los Angeles. She is a soul singer and instrumentalist. She self-released and produced her solo debut EP entitled “Gemma EP” in the summer of 2016 and has performed her music in Mexico and the United States.


Francesco Canas  + Karen Joyce

Francesco Canas is a Salvadoran & Cuban American violinist & multi instrumentalist born & raised in Los Angeles CA. A longtime member of the local music scene their music is Inspired by the soundscapes created by layering many different stringed instruments, & rooted in experiences studying latin American folklore & jazz improvisation. They are currently working on a solo EP to be released later this year.

Karen Joyce is a vocalist, songwriter, performance artist, and zine writer. Delivering conversational lyrics with a heartfelt clarity, her band envelopes them in relaxed syncopation. She draws inspiration from a wide variety of influences & infuses her songs with a danceable magnetism. Simultaneously fresh and familiar, her music’s inviting melodies and evocative storytelling draw listeners into an intimate state of mind. In addition to songwriting, Karen also  issues of trauma and politics through performance art. She also creates original merchandise (tees, pins, stickers, zines) promoting self-care & social activism, and regularly self-publishes on her Asian American intersectional feminist project @yellowstainedblue. Karen performs regularly in Los Angeles with her band or as a duo with Violinist Francesco Cañas. She is currently working on her EP and hopes that her art will inspire others to embrace their vulnerability.


Janize Ablaza

Janize Ablaza makes music that fosters emotional recognition and connection. Visceral and sensitive, her work speaks to the complexity and intimacy of the human experience. Ablaza’s lyrics explore psychological strata in search of something fundamental, vulnerable, what she identifies as “the child within all of us.” With this guiding intention she aims to open channels of empathy and produces something both intensely relatable and individual.


Rhys Langston

Rhys Langston is a vocalist, producer, and multi-disciplinary artist born, raised, and based in Los Angeles, CA.  Live in concert and recorded, his works are available in high-definition stereo and full-frontal honesty. The former, his performance ability, sees a junction between beat-based music, stand-up comedy, and avant-garde poetry.  His studio work relishes in its (mostly) self-produced-and-contained polish, with songs’ concepts and sounds ranging from crooning ballads about a relationship’s MSRP to post-Migos lamentations on microaggressions, unemployment, and post-grad blues.  Consequently, he has earned the kind praises of AFROPUNK, LA Weekly, TinyMixtapes, LA Record, Passion of the Weiss, EARMILK, and other respectable outlets.

He remains the poet laureate of his living room, and has a higher vertical leap than your favorite rapper.


Quran Shaheed

Quran Shaheed makes thoughtful, soulful music that reads like a book. Alternative- R&B meets Jazzy bedroom- funk, fueled by a classical piano training and desire to make forward thinking music.



Pronounced “why am I like this” is a trio of friends dedicated to expressing big ideas and raw emotion through sound. Their musical diet consists of metal, math rock, jazz, hip hop, world music, noise, and more. They put fun in introspection!


11am – 11.30am: Jam Session

11.30am – 12.30pm: Maia on Harp

12.30pm – 1.30pm: Marco Arandia + friends

1.30pm – 2.15pm: Gemma Castro

2.15pm – 3pm:  Francesco Canas  + Karen Joyce

3pm – 3.45pm: Janize Ablaza

3.45pm – 4.30pm: Rhys Langston

4.30pm – 5pm: Quran Shaheed

5pm – 6pm: YMILYKDIS Acoustic 



Enjoy the sounds of LA and experience an evening of epic chill vibes, bustling energy and local shopping!


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