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Sustainable Gift Guide for Father’s Day

It’s finally June and that means two things: summer officially starts and it’s Father’s Day! Can you believe both are on the same date this year — June 21st?

The day we appreciate our awesome dads is soon approaching, and if you haven’t thought about his gift already — get movin’! But if you’re pretty stumped about what to get Dad, no need to worry because by mere coincidence Urban Air Market: Berkeley is the day before Father’s Day! How convenient is that?  With so many local designers to choose from, you can surely find a gift that fits his personality.

To get you started, we combined a list of gifts by personality type to make this process a whole lot easier:

The Outdoorsy Dad

Gneiss Wood

Gneiss Wood

When The Outdoorsy Dad spends time on the beach, at the lake or on the nearest hiking trail, he makes the best of what the land provides!  We think a wooden etching from Gneiss Wood would surely let him soak up the outdoors, even when he’s sitting indoors. While most people see drift wood on the beach as useless, Oakland-based artist Adam Hubein gives driftwood wood a new life. The etchings on the driftwood inspire poetry, mindfulness, love, and also humor. The perfect gift to inspire Dad to continue exploring the outdoors!


The City Slicker

Jennifer Clifford Art and Design

SF City Portrait by Jennifer Clifford Art

If pops is a native San Franciscan or a true city-slicker at heart, The City Slicker Dad will love gifts from local Bay Area artist Jennifer Clifford Design. Clifford has one motive: to take bits and pieces (literally!) from San Francisco to create one-of-a-kind textural and eclectic art pieces. Clifford’s collage art work incorporates media from variety of materials, including wallpaper, old ticket stubs, Muni and BART passes, maps, newsprint, vintage magazines, and re-purposed fabrics. If Dad has a real knack for the city life, he’ll love these one-of-a-kind art pieces!

The Nature Lover


Cork Planters from Newd Elements

Don’t worry, there’s still time to set-up that backyard garden Dad’s been talking about all year. Newd Elements is the perfect place to get a gift for Dads who love plants, gardening and home landscaping. Home decor designer Rachel Beck takes pride in re-purposing abandoned materials like corks, and textiles that are normally destined for the landfill and transforming them into purposeful & modern items for everyday life. What an easy and eco-friendly gift for Dad, he’ll love it!

The World Traveler

Indosole- Pathways Collection

An array of Indosole shoes

Even with the tons of stamps on his passport, The World Traveler Dad probably hasn’t come across shoes like these made from Indonesia! IndoSole provides fashionable and functional footwear made from Indonesia. Get this, the soles are made from waste tires from Indonesian landfills. The production process is non-toxic and environmentally sustainable, with no melting down, off-gassing, or reforming of any material. Shoes made from tires? It doesn’t get any tougher than that, and it’s perfect for Dad!

The Fashionable Gentleman

Drew Shanklin

Drew Shanklin Dress shirt

If you have a Fashionable Father, it can be hard to keep up with him! If he has a bright and positive personality, he’ll love these dress shirts from Drew Shanklin Designs. If trendy Dad is into making a fashion statements, these shirts are it!

You can browse, shop, and purchase all of these products from designers at Urban Air Market Berkeley on June 20th. This one-day shopping event is free  to attend from 11am – 6pm on Allston Way between Milvia and MLK.

Urban Air Market Berkeley is a curated marketplace for sustainable design, eco friendly products, handmade products and more.

Urban Air Market is a pop-up curated marketplace for sustainable design. After 10+ years in  San Francisco neighborhoods, Urban Air Market is expanding to the East Bay with a new event in Berkeley, CA

RSVP to shop at Urban Air Market Berkeley here: http://bit.ly/1AuBYmb

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