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Designer Spotlight: NSEWest Co.

NSEWest Co. is pleased to announce the latest drop of their The LSD Collection — a tribute to San Francisco’s Last Summer Days.
This collection celebrates the unique and eclectic history that defines San Francisco. The City has been a major countercultural hub for decades. From the legendary music scene, to its world-renowned restaurant and beer industry and booming tattoo culture, San Francisco’s identity has always been tied to innovation and challenging the norm.
NSEWest Co.’s vision for Last Summer Days is to preserve and honor the old San Francisco, the city of steep hills, not steep prices, while also celebrating who we are as a city right now. A place that we hope is always full of imagination and idealism, art and community. Click here to read about the brand new line on NSEWest Co.’s blog page. As with all their apparel and accessories, 10% of web proceeds go back to community-based organizations and nonprofits. You can read more about their community focused business model, here.
Whether you’re looking for locally made products, or artistic clothing with a purpose Urban Air Market is the place to find it! Our vendors  focus on sustainable design with a knack for the local community. Be sure to check out NSEWest Co. and a festival of other designers and artists at Urban Air Market: Dogpatch this Sunday from 11am – 6pm at Espirit Park (19th and Minnesota St. SF). Hope to see you all there!
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