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Vendor Spotlight: Atelier Prelude + Black Market Group + Minkara

At Urban Air market, we celebrate the focal point of sustainability through various talented vendors. We have three particular Vendor Ambassadors who we feel truly lead by example. To show our appreciation for their continued excellence, we wanted to share their stories and highlight their missions and contributions towards a social good.

The first of our Vendor Ambassadors is Atelier Prelude, a brand committed to sourcing the world’s softest, natural fabrics with a mission to promote sustainable and ethical fashion. Beginning in 2015, the San Franciscan label creates fashionable and timeless garments in the current era of “fast fashion”, where low-quality textiles are produced in bulk and designed to be disposed of in a relatively short period. To Atelier Prelude, quality clothing will always be superior to cheap clothing with respect to texture and comfort; reasonably so, as these are the two factors that are arguably the most important when discussing wearable goods. This brand places great emphasis on sourcing premium materials from around the world to produce beautiful pieces that will last long, feel great, and look amazing. One would not need to look any further than their signature cotton and cashmere to see that they meet sustainability guidelines by being officially certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard.


Our next Vendor Ambassador is The Black Market Group, East Bay based skincare brand delivering beautiful skin through products such as face masks, bar soaps, and moisturizers, all of which are made using natural resources. The brand is able to give back by going against the grain of cosmetics made through conventionally produced methods, which have been known to deposit chemicals such as BHA/BHT into the air and ocean. This is toxic to our environment and strongly contributes towards the death of aquatic species. In light of this fact, Black Market Group utilizes ingredients for their natural health and beauty products that are farmed and manufactured organically to ensure fewer detrimental chemicals are put into the air and water. Through this methodology, the label is able to give back towards consumers while still being mindful of the world we all reside in. Additionally, there are also many benefits of using natural beauty goods. One of their products, traditional African Black Soap, has moisturizing properties, anti-eczema/psoriasis applications, and active ingredients which will work with your skin to decrease redness, irritation, and breakouts.

Finally, we have Teresa Soler, a Los Angeles based jeweler who handcrafts unique, elegant, and lasting accessories under the brand Minkara. The name Minkara is a reference to the Australian Indigenous word for the “Silver Wattle Tree” (also called Mimosa or Acacia Dealbata), and is a tribute to the evolution of her creative process from influences during her time living in Australia. Inspired by nature and various cultures, Minkara utilizes a combination of materials such as Gold, wood, silver, copper, brass, gold, and gemstones gathered from all corners of the world. Minkara is conscious of minimizing the environmental impact of the jewelry making process, choosing to opt-in for the usage of recycled metals, found objects, and resourced remnants. If you are looking to up your personal aesthetic while also retaining cultural, social, and environmental consciousness, see for yourself how Minkara’s minimalist designs result in pieces that are both effortlessly stylish and truly outstanding.

If you are looking to experience the luxurious feel of Atelier Prelude’s curated fabrics, enhance your day/night routine and end up with silky smooth skin through Black Market Group’s cosmetic goods, or simply accessorize and elevate your look through Minkara’s specialty jewelry, then be sure to check out them out at Urban Air Market. You won’t want to miss it!

** All photos have been taken from Vendor’s respective websites **

To learn more about guest blogger Tony Nguyen and Hidden Fest, visit @nguyenynot @hiddenfest and 

Get to know our Fall sponsor: Sava

As our Fall show approaches, we’d like to give a special shout out to our awesome sponsor, Sava!

SAVA is the premier cannabis delivery service for the Bay Area. They make it easy to find quality cannabis for your needs through a curated collection of artisan products delivered right to your door. Their staff of experts provides guidance via phone, email & chat and offers the support you need to maximize your experience. They truly are the go-to, one-stop shop for all things cannabis! Read more about them here.

Another thing we love about SAVA is that they support many small artisan/craft cannabis brands, many of which are female-owned! Here’s a quick intro to some local brands:



  • Juna Juna Drops are full-spectrum infusions of non-psychoactive CBD or psychoactive THC in a light, silken formula with a subtle herbal-floral flavor crafted by a local chocolatier.
  • HoneyPot A premium brand of cannabis-infused honey that promotes happiness & health. Made from honey and cannabis crafted by two best friends who live, cultivate, and bee-keep in Hayward.
  • Cosmic View Formulated with science and traditional herbal wisdom, these cannabis products are made with award-winning Sonoma County Tuscan blend cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil. They are formulated by a mother/daughter team inspired to enter the cannabis space after using cannabis to get through cancer.
  • Mellows Low-dose gourmet marshmallows handcrafted right here in San Francisco by a local confectioner and foodie.

We are thrilled to have them as a partner for this show and excited to have them share their work with the Hayes Valley community. Come out this Sunday for a great shopping day!

SAVA Spring Events

Urban Air Market is super excited to introduce Sava as our official sponsor for the Hayes Valley Spring show!

Sava makes it easy to find quality cannabis for your needs. They offer a curated cannabis collection delivered to your door, along with the support and education you need to use cannabis for wellness.

From farm to final product, each item meets the highest standards. Everything is lab tested for microbial content, mold, and pesticides, and is labeled with accurate potency and cannabinoid levels. So whether you’re just starting to explore the power of the plant or are a seasoned expert, you’ll find the transparency and quality you’re looking for in a cannabis delivery service.

Learn more about Sava’s guiding principles & amazing team here & say hello to them at the Spring show on May 6th!


UPCOMING EVENTS:  Hope to see you at the next SAVA Salon!

SAVA SALON: An Edible a Day Keeps the Inflammation Away

The path towards wellness through micro-dosing & clean eating

Wednesday, April 11, 2018, 7:00 PM
SF Wellness & Arts Popup, SOMA District, San Francisco
Guest Speaker: Liz Rudner of Moonman’s Mistress 


In this class we will discuss the benefits of clean eating, sleep, movement, and microdosing cannabis. Passionate, dedicated and driven to make changes in the world, Liz Rudner is a disrupter of the cannabis industry. As a life-long, pro-cannabis patient, Liz was diagnosed with Celiac and Hashimoto’s disease over 15 years ago. In her exploration for wellness through cannabis, she found salvation and a new joy for living, and through her studies has accumulated a wealth of knowledge about healthy eating. With over 20 years in the hospitality industry, she has a Nutrition Certification from Precision Nutrition and is a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. In her spare time, Liz spends her days as a Creative Director at a startup in San Francisco as well as working towards her yoga certification later this year. This is a non-consumption educational event.



SAVA SALON: Cannabis and Skincare

Wednesday, May 2, 2018 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM
Retreat SF, 146 Fillmore St. San Francisco, CA

Guest Speaker: Bridget May of Little Green Bee

Join our estheticians and cannabis skincare product formulators for a retreat where you’ll learn about how cannabis works to rejuvenate skin and slow the aging process. This event is in partnership with Retreat SF Skincare and Little Green Bee. This is a non-consumption educational event.




SAVA SYMPOSIUM: Cannabis for Your Companion Animals

Date TBD, June 2018
San Francisco
Learn how to use cannabis for your companion animals for pain, inflammation, anxiety, and more. In partnership with Muttville Senior Dog Rescue. More details coming soon!

Creating for a Better Tomorrow


Needless to say our world is changing day to day- and as more and more companies come into creation, there are a special few that strive to help make a change for the better. Vendors who participate at Urban Air Market not only make it a conscious point to take the environment and their communities into consideration, they aim to progress the two in a way that will ensure a better future.

Urban Air Market’s goal is to showcase sustainable design and social conscious vendors in a creative pop-up space for all to enjoy. With so many vendors dedicated to sustainable design, we’d like to highlight some who are working toward larger environmental and societal changes.

Each of these designers will be featured at our upcoming Hayes Valley Urban Air Market show in San Francisco on Sunday, May 1st! RSVP here


Feminine Funk

The owner of Feminine Funk-Nicole Grier wanted to start her own T-shirt brand that would accurately represent “funky” women of all shapes, colors, and sizes. Feminine Funk aims to challenge societal norms of beauty, and offers a product that assists in the inclusion of all types of women. The selection of unique and fun T-shirts will have any women feeling their best and have them strutting their way through life.


No Tox Life

This local family-run business offers handmade body care products using highest quality natural ingredients possible, No Tox Life’s was created to provide, toxic-free vegan body care to help an individual live a cleaner and greener life. Each product is made from 100% natural ingredients that will do no harm to you and especially the environment.

No Tox Life


As a reaction to worsening environmental conditions in Indonesia, Indosole was created in order to help out the country in a very unique and proactive way. Indosole produces incredible shoes out of repurposed tires that would otherwise be left in landfills. The transformative nature of this product is beneficial to many-and is one step in the direction of a more sustainable future for all.



With growing concerns about our endangered animal species, Doalittle found inspiration and a need to help in some way. As their slogan says “Doalittle-Helpalot” by purchasing on of their T-shirts you are helping a greater cause. The proceeds from each purchase are donated to a conservation organization whose efforts go toward the protection of endangered animals in hopes of helping them eventually thrive.

doalittle kids


Banau means “Let’s create” in Nepali. After seeing the reality of Human Trafficking in Nepal, the founders of Banau wanted to help out these individuals in a way that they felt could be most beneficial. In 2015, Banau was started and aims to create jobs and alternatives to human trafficking in a safe way. In addition, 100% of the proceeds made from the jewelry go towards the growth and development of vocational Workshops within the 24 districts around Nepal.



Make sure to come out to Urban Air Market’s Spring Show in Hayes Valley, San Francisco on Sunday May 1st- and discover in person these impactful vendors and so many more. Shop for good with us!

Urban Air Market: Holiday Show


Urban Air Market returns to Pier 70 on Sunday, December 13th for their first holiday season marketplace, featuring 170 sustainable design brands and makers of apparel, accessories, home goods, art, and body products.

In addition to doing last minute holiday shopping from 170 participating vendors, guests can enjoy musical performances by local bands, delicious food trucks, and retail fashion trucks.

You’ll also find a photo booth from Magbooth, a bar for 21+ guests hosted by Pier 70 Partners, and new activity zones including interactive art by 1AM gallery, relaxation lounge by Bakpocket Products, DIY zone by Mission de Flores, wellness zone by DogPatch Massage and Bodywork, and a kids’ zone by Junior League of San Francisco.

Many thanks to our event partners!

Urban Air Market: Holiday Show is FREE to attend and will take place on Sunday, December 13th from 11am to 5pm at Pier 70 (420 22nd Street, San Francisco).


The first 100 shoppers who  RSVP here and stop by our information booth will get a free tote bag from DSF Clothing Co. while supplies last.


Musical Line-up:

Dogpatch 11am-12pm

Tumbledown House 12-1pm

No Lovely Thing 1-2pm

Sara Judge 2-3pm

Vandella 3-4pm

One Man Banjo 4-5pm


Food Truck Line-up:

Curry Up Now

Phat Thai

Bacon Bacon

Sam’s Chowder House

Drip! Mobile Cafe


Fashion Truck Line-up:

Indigo Handloom

Mixx Collection


The Bus Shoppe

Spiral Jewelry & Artistry


About the Venue:

Pier 70 is located in the Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco and was recently the venue for other popular events like SF Street Food Festival, Disrupt, Dreamforce Gala, and Taste of Potrero.


About Urban Air Market:

For eleven years, Urban Air Market has served the community in support of creative entrepreneurs and independent designers. Urban Air Market provides a carefully curated marketplace for small businesses to showcase their products and directly connects shoppers to emerging designers, local artists, and sustainable products.

How to Get to Urban Air Market:

As Urban Air Market supports a sustainable lifestyle, we recommend to either walk, bike, ride share, or use public transportation to get to the event. There is no attendee parking on site.

MUNI: Urban Air Market is easily accessible via the MUNI “T LINE” which stops at 20th and 23rd st. From there it’s a 2 block walk to our entrance at 22nd and Illinois.

CALTRAIN: Urban Air Market is accessible from the 22nd St Caltrain station. From there it is a 6 block walk to our entrance at 22nd and Illinois.
TAXI: Please ask your driver to drive down to 420 22nd St. and drop you off at the back of the building.

Holiday Show Vendors:

Amano Studio
Amos Goldbaum
Amour Vert
amy rose moore illustration
An Urban Tail etsy.comshop/AnUrbanTail
Ana Apple
Aparato Jewelry
Apila Design
Atelier Prelude
Awkward Affections
Bee, Bark & Moss
Beksan Designs
Bella Drops
Beneduci Shoemakers SF
Bethany Eden Watercolor
Blue Nectar Soaps Instagram.combluenectarsoaps
Bright and Beauty
bright star and buffalo
Camilla Olson
CanDid Art Accessories
Carmen Q
Cat Makes Things
Christine Herrin
Clif Bar & Company
Compass Rose Design
Corey Egan
Crooked Tail
Design + Happiness designandhappiness.comshop
Design Superb Studios
Drew Shanklin Shirts
DSF Clothing
Ebb by GDS Cloth Goods
eden &zoe
Elektra Steel
Ellie Fun Day
Enflux Jewelry
Etchy Workshop etsy.comshop/EtchyWorkshop
Fable Soap Co.
feral city
Fishbow designs
Focalpoint Home
Fractal Flora
gemma aspera
Glass Elements
Gneiss wood
Granny Panty Designs
Graphic Anthology
Harumi K
Hats and Tales
Heliotrope SF
Hipstirr belts
Inspiration Pt Designs
Iris Willow
jennifer clifford art + design
joy gallery
Judy Beebe Designs
Just Sew Jana etsy.comjustsewjana
Kahoy Kollection
komopoko etsy.comshop/komopoko
Krakatoa Design
Letha USA
Lighten Up Shoppe
LIX PERLE Accessories & Apparel etsy.comshop/lixperle
Lotus Pop
Luana Coonen Jewelry
Mandala Botanica
Mane Message
Marja Germans Gard Studio
Melissa Gisele Handcrafted Jewelry
Milk Monster Co. etsy.comshop/milkmonsterco
Mind’s Eye Design
miss velvet cream
mixx Collection
mod clothing
Moon & Leaf
Multiple Threads
MXM Jewelry & Design
Newd Elements
No Coast Paper Co.
No Tox Life
Nous Savons
NSEWestco Co.
Oh Melody Cave Illustration
Papier Vintage
Pelindaba Lavender
Pin Up Cosmetics
Poppy & Pine
Purple Impression
rehasht reclaimed designs
Rehn Jewelry
Revival Apparel Company
RISE Designs
Ruraq Maki
Rustee Pace
ruth easterbrook ceramics
S for Sparkle
Saara Reidsema
Sail Away Sea Glass
Salvage Garden
Scott Jennings Ceramics
Sharon Z Jewelry
Skincare by Feleciai
Something to chew on
Spiral Jewelry & Artisery
Spunky punker
Steaming Madd ~ Steampunk Jewelry and Wears
Sunim INK
Tamale Grande Design
Taxi Cdc/ Recycled Weats
Temple Ro
Tessa Kemp Jewelry
The Bus Shoppe
The Weekend Store
Theia Grazi Clothing Co
Tina Produce
Torrain Recycled Bags
Translation clothing
Trina Spiller Design
Truss & Ore
Twentyseven Gears
Ultimate Oshima
Unleash Studio
Verde Vivo Tea
Via Village
Whatif Creations
wisdom publications
Wood Thumb
Woodcut Maps
Wool Street
Young America Creative
Zafiro Jewelry


Designer Spotlight: NSEWest Co.

NSEWest Co. is pleased to announce the latest drop of their The LSD Collection — a tribute to San Francisco’s Last Summer Days.
This collection celebrates the unique and eclectic history that defines San Francisco. The City has been a major countercultural hub for decades. From the legendary music scene, to its world-renowned restaurant and beer industry and booming tattoo culture, San Francisco’s identity has always been tied to innovation and challenging the norm.
NSEWest Co.’s vision for Last Summer Days is to preserve and honor the old San Francisco, the city of steep hills, not steep prices, while also celebrating who we are as a city right now. A place that we hope is always full of imagination and idealism, art and community. Click here to read about the brand new line on NSEWest Co.’s blog page. As with all their apparel and accessories, 10% of web proceeds go back to community-based organizations and nonprofits. You can read more about their community focused business model, here.
Whether you’re looking for locally made products, or artistic clothing with a purpose Urban Air Market is the place to find it! Our vendors  focus on sustainable design with a knack for the local community. Be sure to check out NSEWest Co. and a festival of other designers and artists at Urban Air Market: Dogpatch this Sunday from 11am – 6pm at Espirit Park (19th and Minnesota St. SF). Hope to see you all there!

Urban Air Market: Dogpatch

eventbrite_dogpatch_uam (1)


After making its successful round in the East Bay, Urban Air Market returns to the esteemed neighborhood  of Dogpatch in San Francisco! We’re excited to return to a neighborhood we call one of our favorites in SF. The creative history in the neighborhood keeps bringing us back (think the once-booming industrial economy centered in the city’s central waterfront or the awesome nineties when Espirit headquarters was located in Dogpatch — pretty much the epicenter of fashion at that time!)

Urban Air Market: Dogpatch will take place on Sunday, August 16th surrounding  Esprit Park at the intersection of Minnesota and 19th streets from 11  a.m. to 6 p.m. Our one-day street festival will feature 100+ one-of-a-kind  local designers who produce sustainable goods  including apparel, jewelry, and home decor.

We had a chance to catch up with a few Dogpatch residents to find out why they love Urban Air Market:

” I love the unique selection of vendors. These designers produce super high-quality products that are handcrafted, organic or sustainable. It’s great! – Marianna R., 42, homemaker 

“UAM supports the local economy and compared to chain stores, locally owned businesses recycle a much larger share their revenue with the community by putting it back into the local economy! It’s great Urban Air Market can bring this to our community!” – Trevor W., 32, business professional

“I do my best to be eco-friendly by conserving water and energy, but always wanted to do more. After discovering Urban Air Market I realized I can shop for sustainable products all in one place. I’m doing my part in supporting the green movement and I encourage other to do so too!” – Ashley G., 28, beauty salon owner

We’re excited to enrich the Dogpatch neighborhood once again! In addition to shopping, guests can enjoy acoustic performances by local musicians including:

Musical Line-up:

Diablo Jazz Company | 11am – 12pm

Geist Strings | 12pm – 1pm

PLS Trio | 1pm – 2pm

Foxtail Brigade | 2pm – 3pm

Steve Taylor-Ramirez| 3pm – 4pm

The Willy Roland Band | 4pm – 5pm

Food Truck Line-Up:

Voodoo Van

Hongry Kong

Karas Cupcakes


Partners of Urban Air Market: Dogpatch include: Museum of Craft and DesignMakeshift Society,  1AM Gallery, Clif Bar, Roadie, and Build Public, a non-profit group helping to improve San Francisco’s public spaces.

Urban Air Market is also hosting a small business workshop that will place prior to the Dogpatch event at nearby Museum of Craft and Design on on Wednesday, August 5 from 6:00 p.m. -8:00 p.m. called Retail Readiness: Wholesaling to Stores with guest speaker Rena Tom from Makeshift Society. Attendees will take home the knowledge required to present and pitch product lines to buyers in a way that maximizes sales potential. Please note:  the vendor workshop is not on the same date as the Dogpatch show. For more information about this vendor workshop, please see:

Urban Air Market: Dogpatch is FREE to attend and will take place at Espirit Park in Dogpatch, SF on the intersection of Minnesota and 19th streets from 11  a.m. to 6 p.m.


The first 100 shoppers who  RSVP here will get a free tote bag from NSEWest Co. upon arrival.

Urban Air Market: Dogpatch takes place the same weekend as the neighboring San Francisco Street Food Festival which will be held at Pier 70, just a 10 minute walk from Esprit Park.

How to Get to Urban Air Market: Dogpatch 2015

As Urban Air Market supports a sustainable lifestyle, we recommend to either walk, bike, ride share, or use public transportation to get to this event.

Bus: AC transit Bus 22 towards 3rd St. & 20th St. Offboard at 18th St. and Minnesota

Train: The Minu T-line runs down Third Street. Offboard at the 20th St. station

Please bike or carpool, as parking is limited on the street.


Urban Air Market: Dogpatch 2015 Summer Vendors (not in order) —

Amos Goldbaum

amy rose moore illustration

Angles & Arcs

Animal Instincts Apparel

Doug Rhodes

Beijo Brasil

Bright and Beauty

Build Public


Compass Rose Design



Drew Shanklin Shirts

Eko Kreations

Elisa Gonsalves Designs

Enlightened Pieces

Graphic Arts Workshop


Indigo Handloom


Jennifer Clifford art + design

Kira Kids



Leelu Designs

Little Paper Press

LIX PERLE Accessories & Apparel

Maha Devi Design


mission de flores

mohinders shoes

MXM Jewelry & Design


No Tox Life

NSEWest Co.

Old Tree Essentials

Papier Vintage

PawNosh Recycled Glass Pet Bowls

Pigeon Heart Designs



Skincare by Feleciai

Spicer Bags

Synergy OrganicClothing


Tessa Kemp Jewelry

The Latch Key

The Urban Deer

The Westside Collective

Tila & the Textiles



Zafiro Jewelry

How Ya Bean

Amour Vert

DSF Clothing

gemma aspera

Das Bus

Dandy Lion Press

Happy French Gang





Luna Bar





Focalpoint Home



Alex Steele

Halo Bender




Urban Air Market: Oakland


Urban Air Market finally premiered in the East Bay Area last month and we have to say, it was such a huge success! We’re back in the five-one-zero area code for all you summer shopping connoisseurs with our Uptown Oakland event this Sunday, July 12th! Oakland residents will have a chance to experience a mini-version of our one-day street festival for locally made, high-quality, sustainable goods! For one day only, we are bringing this curated shopping experience to Oakland residents in the heart of Uptown Oakland – a thriving and creative part of the city.

Urban Air Market: Oakland will feature:

  • 50+ local designers and artists on William Street
  • A live music showcase in Uptown Art Park
  • Roaming performance artists for your enjoyment
  • Delicious food trucks and treats to keep you energized and hydrated from Drip Mobile Cofee and Espresso and BaconBaconSF

Items for sale at the market will include: curated and high quality goods, such as apparel, jewelry, and home decor. All participating vendors are selected based on their eco-friendliness, so shoppers can expect to find products that are handcrafted, organic, sustainable, or upcycled.

In addition to shopping, guests can enjoy acoustic performances by local musicians and live art installations including:

Musical Line-up:

Tay and the JanglahDahs | 11am – 12pm

Max and Nicky | 12pm – 1pm

The Joy Drops | 1pm – 2pm

Contant Time | 2pm – 3pm

Joshua Smith | 3pm – 4pm

Gaby Castro-Moroder | 4pm – 5pm

Unlikely Heroes | 5pm – 6pm

Partners of Urban Air Market: Berkeley include Indiegogo, Working SolutionsKiva Zip,  Luke’s Local and Localwise.

Urban Air Market: Oakland is FREE to attend and will take place at Uptown Art Park in Oakland on the intersection of William St. & Telegraph on Sunday, July 12th from 11am – 6pm.


The first 100 shoppers who  RSVP here will get a free tote bag from Oaklandish upon arrival.

How to Get to Urban Air Market: Oakland

As Urban Air Market supports a sustainable lifestyle, we recommend to either walk, bike, ride share, or use public transportation to get to the event.

Bart: less than a 3 minute walk from 19th St. Oakland bart station

Bus: AC Transit 1 to Telegraph and Thomas L. Berkeley Way or AC Transit 800 to Telegraph

Please bike or carpool, as parking is limited on the street.



Urban Air Market: Oakland Summer Vendors:

Beijo Brasil

Brenda’s Ceramics and Jewelry


Das Bus

Earth Majesty

EcoCork Sustainable Accessories

Everyday Valentine


Fringe Outerwear

gneiss wood

Healing Henna

Heliotrope San Francisco



Inside Line Equipment

Kinda Fancy

Lavender and Neroli

Leelu Designs

LIX PERLE Accessories & Apparel

mod clothing

mohinders shoes

MXM Jewelry & Design



Niknaz Artwear


Old Tree Essentials

Pigeon Heart Designs

Sara Christian

The Latch Key

The Westside Collective

Theia Grazi Clothing Co.

Translation clothing


Your Divine

Princess Pun

Mad Elegance

by Stacey Monique

Daisy Chains & Alternative Endings

PLT Jewelry

Anubha Designs

Liberty & Justice

Compass Rose Design

Indigo Cynosure


Prism Jewels

Lucky Penny Wood Works



Urban Air Market: Berkeley

Urban Air Market Berkeley

Urban Air Market Kicks Off the Summer in Berkeley! 

Shop all things eco-friendly and local at Urban Air Market- A Free Outdoor Festival for Sustainable Design

On the heels of our first show of the year in Hayes Valley, we’re bringing Urban Air Market to the East Bay! The ever-popular street fair is back for shoppers to discover high quality local goods in their Berkeley neighborhood. With a new pop-up location every month, the festival is finally expanding into the East Bay on June 20th.  Urban Air Market invites attendees to discover and shop all things eco-friendly including home decor, personalized arts and crafts, sustainable fashion, and more!

Urban Air Market is like a creative carnival with designers, artists, and musicians who strive to be eco-conscious and take pride in sustainable design. Urban Air Market is the place to find gifts for Father’s Day, upcoming summer apparel, and one-of-a-kind gifts.

For one day only, we are bringing this curated shopping experience to Berkeley residents in the heart of downtown! Urban Air Market: Berkeley will showcase 100+ innovative designers, musicians and artists that represent the Bay Area’s abundant creative community.

In addition to shopping, guests can enjoy acoustic performances by local musicians and live art installations including:

Musical Line-up:

Dirty Cello | 12pm – 1pm

Bisi and the Moonwalker | 1pm – 2pm

Max and Nicky | 2pm – 3pm

Constant Time | 3pm – 4pm

Unlikely Heroes | 4pm – 5pm

Abel Anzizar AKA Lone Crow | 5pm – 6pm


Yurtastic Art Gallery

Saturday Farmer’s Market prepared food vendors:

Flacos (Vegan Mexican food)

Cafe Zambala (Himalayan food)

Mommy’s Yammy’s (Mediterranean food)

Andy’s Thai

Plus a coffee vendor, a juice vendor, a tofu vendor that sells ready-to-eat wraps and sushi, and bakeries with breakfast treats.

Partners of Urban Air Market: Berkeley include the City of Berkeley, the Downtown Berkeley AssociationOne Medical Group, Handcraft Studio School, and Legally Vogue.

Urban Air Market: Berkeley is FREE to attend and will take place alongside the historic Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park on Allston between Milvia and Martin Luther King in downtown Berkeley on Saturday, June 20th from 11am – 6pm.


How to Get to Urban Air Market: Berkeley

As Urban Air Market supports a sustainable lifestyle, we recommend to either walk, bike, ride share, or use public transportation to get to the event.

BART: less than a 5 minute walk from the Downtown Berkeley BART Station.

Bus routes: Route 12 from Downtown Oakland and Berkeley BART station, route 25 from EC Plaza BART


Urban Air Market Spring Vendors:


An Li

Ana Apple

Animal Instincts Apparel



Atelier Prelude

Beksan Designs

Bella and Spike Skincare

Bernal Burrow

Blue Gnome

Brenda’s Ceramics and Jewelry



Drew Shanklin Shirts

Easy Growin Designs

EcoCork Sustainable Accessories

Eko Kreations

Elka Herbals

Enlightened Pieces

Feed the Fish Co


Girl Chewing Gum

Glass Elements

gneiss wood

Harumi K


Indo Sole


Karuna Clothing

Kat Martin Shop

LIX PERLE Accessories & Apparel

Maggie Hurley ~ Whimsy & Whatnot

Maha Devi Design


melissa gisele


Movement Art Galerie

MXM Jewelry & Design

Newd Elements

Niknaz Artwear

Nous Savons

One Medical Group

Papier Vintage

PLT Jewelry

Purple Impression


Rehasht Reclaimed Designs

Rustee Pace

See.Saw.Seen Eyewear


Synergy Organic Clothing


Tessa Kemp Jewelry

The Latch Key

The Nomad Collection

The Weekend Store

Theia Grazi Clothing Co

Todos Organics

Trina Spiller Designs


upswings jewelry

wendy darling co



Your Divine

Zafiro Jewelry

About Urban Air Market

For eleven years, Urban Air Market has served the community in support of creative entrepreneurs and independent designers. Not only does Urban Air Market provide a well curated marketplace for small businesses to showcase their products, it directly connects shoppers and taste makers to emerging designers, local art and sustainable products.

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is a little over a week away! Don’t worry- Urban Air Market is this Sunday and with our highly curated marketplace of sustainable and locally made goods, you’re sure to find something special to gift to that lovely lady who gave birth to you.

Here are some of our picks…

Leslie Francesca Designs – Amethyst Stalactite Earrings


No mom is quite like the other. Same goes for the natural characteristics of stones. We like the raw, organic feel of Leslie Francesca‘s designs and light up at the thought that each necklace, ring, bracelet, or pair of earrings is one of a kind. So perfectly imperfect.

Foggy Notion – Cardamom & Coffee Body Scrub

foggy notion cardomon

Can’t afford to get mom a day spa get away? Try putting together a gift basket with decadent lotions, serums and scrubs. We love this Fig+Yarrow Cardamom+Coffee Scrub which will be available at the Foggy Notion booth this Sunday. A great way for mom to prep for summer!

Skincare by Feleciai – Body SoapsSkincarebyFeleciai

This one you can add to that gift basket too! Skincare by Feleciai soaps are not only delightfully aromatic, the bars themselves are beautiful. Remind mom how beautiful she is with a sudsy scent that suits her personality and style.

Handloom Nation – Faded Denim Scarf


If you live far away from your mom, give her a gift that will hug her all day long. We like the beautiful handloomed Spring scarves by Handloom Nation. Like denim, this soft and luxurious scarf goes with anything Mom wears. She’ll love the fact that is also contributes to preserving an artform that has been passed down for generations.

Devika’s Art – Poppy Coasters


Bring the Spring into Mom’s home with gorgeous hand painted coasters by Devika Keskar of Devika’s Art. These poppies will make a nice accent to her living room… or her glass of wine.

Fiber Florist – Bouquet


There’s something very sweet about gifting freshly picked flowers, but then they die. Get Mom something she can use over and over again like a Fiber Florist arrangement with a variety of flowers and foliage to choose from.

For those still completely stumped on what to give for Mother’s Day, Get a pre-made gift set any mom would love from Sojourn Box– tasteful and worldly.


Or, for the mom who loves to cook, try a foodie subscription to Saffron + Kumquats. These subscription boxes (your choice of 1, 3 or 5 months) take Mom on a culinary tour around the world. One month might be Persian food and another might be Thai.  Each box contains ingredients and recipes for her to experiment with.

Saffron + Kumquats.jpg

PLUS… You’re in luck! SFEtsy will be hosting a gift wrapping station in Patricia’s Green and offering free gift wrapping for Mom’s Day gifts. Can’t get better than that…

sf etsy gift wrap station

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