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Creating for a Better Tomorrow


Needless to say our world is changing day to day- and as more and more companies come into creation, there are a special few that strive to help make a change for the better. Vendors who participate at Urban Air Market not only make it a conscious point to take the environment and their communities into consideration, they aim to progress the two in a way that will ensure a better future.

Urban Air Market’s goal is to showcase sustainable design and social conscious vendors in a creative pop-up space for all to enjoy. With so many vendors dedicated to sustainable design, we’d like to highlight some who are working toward larger environmental and societal changes.

Each of these designers will be featured at our upcoming Hayes Valley Urban Air Market show in San Francisco on Sunday, May 1st! RSVP here


Feminine Funk

The owner of Feminine Funk-Nicole Grier wanted to start her own T-shirt brand that would accurately represent “funky” women of all shapes, colors, and sizes. Feminine Funk aims to challenge societal norms of beauty, and offers a product that assists in the inclusion of all types of women. The selection of unique and fun T-shirts will have any women feeling their best and have them strutting their way through life.


No Tox Life

This local family-run business offers handmade body care products using highest quality natural ingredients possible, No Tox Life’s was created to provide, toxic-free vegan body care to help an individual live a cleaner and greener life. Each product is made from 100% natural ingredients that will do no harm to you and especially the environment.

No Tox Life


As a reaction to worsening environmental conditions in Indonesia, Indosole was created in order to help out the country in a very unique and proactive way. Indosole produces incredible shoes out of repurposed tires that would otherwise be left in landfills. The transformative nature of this product is beneficial to many-and is one step in the direction of a more sustainable future for all.



With growing concerns about our endangered animal species, Doalittle found inspiration and a need to help in some way. As their slogan says “Doalittle-Helpalot” by purchasing on of their T-shirts you are helping a greater cause. The proceeds from each purchase are donated to a conservation organization whose efforts go toward the protection of endangered animals in hopes of helping them eventually thrive.

doalittle kids


Banau means “Let’s create” in Nepali. After seeing the reality of Human Trafficking in Nepal, the founders of Banau wanted to help out these individuals in a way that they felt could be most beneficial. In 2015, Banau was started and aims to create jobs and alternatives to human trafficking in a safe way. In addition, 100% of the proceeds made from the jewelry go towards the growth and development of vocational Workshops within the 24 districts around Nepal.



Make sure to come out to Urban Air Market’s Spring Show in Hayes Valley, San Francisco on Sunday May 1st- and discover in person these impactful vendors and so many more. Shop for good with us!

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