The Cannabis Lover’s Holiday Guide

By Amanda at SAVA

Gone are the days where giving cannabis as a holiday gift meant a rolled up baggie of flower with some rolling papers, or if you were really being fancy you’d put it in a nice jar. Now, you can find artisan raw honey, herb geles, silky eye cream, super relaxing bath bombs, Ritual cold brew – all infused with just the right amount of cannabis. Everything here can be ordered online and delivered to your door from SAVA, an online marketplace for curated cannabis goods.


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Remember, although regulations are changing, you still need a valid medical cannabis recommendation and to be 21+ to consume cannabis in California.


A Day at the Spa

It’s common knowledge today that cannabis topicals are great pain relievers, but did you know that topical application of cannabis can also help keep your skin looking young and healthy? The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of cannabis, especially CBD, can both reverse and prevent signs of aging in your skin.

Try: Little Green Bee’s skin care line.

Want to soak away your troubles? Cannabis-infused bath bombs and salts offer an extra layer of relaxation. You won’t get high, but you will feel a deep level of calm.

Try: Om Edibles bath salts.


Mmm, That Tastes Good!

Edibles have become so delicious, it’s hard to have just one! Thankfully, many are formulated for microdosing so you can easily get that nice chilled out feeling of a glass of wine, but without the hangover.

Try: Garden Society Bright Blooms, low dose THC/THCA Herb Gelées

Aches and pains? Feeling down because it’s dark at 5pm? Add a dose of CBD honey to your tea for all over good feelings without a high.

Try: Honey Pot artisan crafted cannabis-infused honey, available in CBD, or THC for a little euphoria.

Want a strong euphoric pick-me-up? THC and coffee are perfect partners to make you feel amazing. But as delicious as it is, start with a small serving to test the waters.

Try: Somatik cannabis infused Ritual Roasters cold brew.


Spice Up The Party . . .

With only 5mg of THC per bottle, a festive cannabis sparkling drink will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy and ready to curl up by the fire.

Try: La Grandeur THC sparkling cranberry beverage.

Want to make everyone at your holiday party super chilled out? Kikoko developed a tea cocktail recipe using their CBD tea, so anyone can enjoy it. “The Betty” will take everyone down a notch, but the high-CBD content means no one will feel high. They’ll just relax, hard.

Try: Kikoko Tea Cocktails

Alcohol only bars are boring. Diversify your offerings this year with a nice display of vape pens. Pro tip: if you’re concerned about germs, have little alcohol wipes out for people to clean the tips before using.

Try: Bloom Farms  blended and single origin cartridges


The options are endless, and we’re here to help you navigate to find that truly special holiday gift for the cannabis lover in your life!

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