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For those local to the Bay Area, you know that Localwise is the place to find local jobs or for employers to hire local talent. But even if you’re not from the Bay, you’re in luck: within the last few months, Localwise has recently expanded to the entire United States. With 5,000+ employers on their site, they’re looking to empower businesses and job seekers in different cities and states to create stronger local communities.

Employers love Localwise. Just ask Urban Air Market founder, Danielle Cohen! It just so happens that the two newest members of Urban Air Market were found through Localwise. We chatted with our Sales Intern, Elena Tolstop, on her experience using Localwise and a few reasons why she used it as a resource for finding local jobs.

Our kickass Sales Intern, Elena. 

  1. Localwise Matching helps you find the right job with employers relevant to your interests and allows you to filter by criteria such as community type and time commitment. “For a lot of other sites, you kind of have to read through the description to find out if a position is part time or not. With Localwise, you can not only choose a time-frame commitment, but you can even specify in the search if you are looking for strictly evening, or just weekends as well.”
  2. 5,000+ local employers that follow Localwise’s community oriented guidelines. “A lot of the positions I found on the site were local small business owners, so you’re not sending your resume into a questionable abyss!”
  3. Finding diverse employers that positively impact their community. “The position I found with Urban Air Market is super special because it is a true local community-based job, where I get the opportunity to discover new artists, designers, and makers.”

Marketing Intern, Ailyn Pambid, and Elena, both hired through Localwise!

Ready to be part of the most trusted community for local jobs? Visit Localwise and create a profile. From there you can upload your resume, cover letter, and have access to 1-Click Apply, which is probably the fastest way to apply to any job. Not only that, but you can manage various job applications from your profile and get alerts from your favorite businesses to know when they’re hiring.

Who knows, maybe you can be the newest member of Urban Air Market one day!

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