Urban Air Rocks In Hayes Valley


Counting down until Urban Air Market Hayes Valley FallIt’s our last show of the year and we’re excited to come back to Hayes Valley for your favorite pop up outdoor market. And we’re bringing along some of the Bay Area’s most talented musical acts! Let’s get you pumped up for the show by introducing the awesome artists we’ve got lined up to rock the stage:




Blonde Toledo’s music is a wonderful blend of familiar and new, a melodic nod to American Bandstand danceability with rhythms influenced by a plurality of backgrounds. It’s full of surprises yet firmly based in the traditions of Brill Building pop, Colombian cumbia, jazz and others. The band is lead by Double Sax goddess Connie Walkershaw, bass player Jesse Walkershaw, Latin percussionist Connie, Joe Chavez, drummer Rick Kennon and guitarist Andy Charmatz. The band has just released their first LP “Where’s That Sound” on The Laryngitis Label.



Collin Ludlow-Mattson is just looking for a shady lane on Shakedown Street. His eponymous band is steeped in the psych and folk-rock sounds of the sixties and seventies and the indie-rock sounds of the eighties, nineties, and aughts. They sound a bit like Neil Young playing Jeffrey Lewis songs à la Pavement in a Grateful Dead parking lot…or perhaps it’s the other way around! ;o)



As the lead singer for the Silk Road Truckers, Colton is an important voice of Bay Area rock & roll music. His solo act is a brilliant channeling of soul, rock, and blues music that he creates with an acoustic guitar and a gravelly timbre. Catch him performing loudly and often at San Francisco’s very own Milk Bar on Haight Street! His band The Silk Road Truckers was born in the basement of a Haight Street commune in 2015 and considers their sound  as”good time rock & roll”.



Frances Ancheta is a San Francisco-based musician, singer/songwriter, and performer. With two albums to date and a third one on the way, she has been performing original music and her own interpretations of covers for the past 17 years. Frances Ancheta continues to reach fans around the world with her distinct and enjoyable musical style, described by many as “tropical new wave folk”, reflecting the eclectic sounds she grew up with as a Filipina-American in the San Francisco Bay Area.



The combined age of this duo not from Scotland is over 100 years. If this doesn’t make them wise and inspiring, at the very least it does make them old! They’ve played together and apart, fast and slow, always with good intentions, and will attempt to continue in that tradition.



Ted Harvey is a San Francisco Singer/Songwriter/Actor. Ted fronted local late 80’s Rock Band Mud Puppies. He has written songs for film and television. As an actor he has appeared in many local indie films and theater productions including a long run as Bodhi in Point Break Live. Ted is pleased to bring his narrative story telling to the Urban Air Market.



Julie Dillon is a San Francisco-based songwriter. Her music styles arrive organically with one note or one phrase from one moment in time. Her live performances are bravely raw and heartfelt with true joyful artistry.



Mardi Morillo is a singer-songwriter out of the Bay Area. In a former life, he worked as a CIO in the healthcare industry. He found his life’s passion in music when he quit due to losing partial vision from glaucoma. Born legally blind, this further loss of vision, refocused him to pursue something more meaningful. Something creative. After picking up the guitar to learn one song (“Stop This Train” by John Mayer) he began writing his own songs and music has changed his life.



A One Man Banjo show is an energetic experience that incites movement, dancing, the clapping of hands, participation & a couple of sing-alongs. It combines old time tunes in a unique rhythmic fashion that creates a slightly dark yet vibrant experience.



In the tradition of troubadours with attitude, a Sara Judge show captures the energy of dub hall reggae and hip hop, but with the more intimate exchange of acoustic guitar and strings. As one fan described it: “Sara’s music works by bringing the audience into the folk rock genre from a contemporary female perspective with an attitude of ‘radical engagement’. If Patti Smith and Bob Marley had a baby, raised it on an organic farm, taught it how to rap, dressed it up in spiked heels, and then played Joni Mitchell for it through an antique radio until it learned to speak…”

“Really terrific! And what a voice. Of all the ladies who can belt it out–Florence + the Machine, Natalie Merchant, Neko Case and Brandi Carlile–Judge’s work keeps right up with them.” – Kara Swisher, Co-Producer and Co-Host of The Wall Street Journal’s, D: All Things Digital




  • One Man Banjo            11:15a – 12:30p
  • Frances Ancheta          12:30p – 1:45p
  • Blond Toledo                1:45p – 3:00p
  • Colton Shrier                3:15p – 4:30p
  • Gracias Mi Huevos      4:45p – 6:00p



  • Mardi Morillo                         11:15a – 12:30p
  • Collin Ludlow-Mattson        12:30p – 1:45p
  • Sara Judge                               1:45p – 3:00p
  • Julie Dillon                              3:15p – 4:30p
  • Ted James Harvey                 4:45p – 6:00p



Amazing shopping, DIY activities & killer music! You don’t wanna miss out on this one-day pop up so RSVP below and invite all your friends & family. See you there!

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