heliptrope basket

For the month of September we’ve partnered up with Heliotrope for our exclusive Urban Air Market vendor contest!

One lucky vendor participating in the Hayes Valley Fall show will win a free gift basket from Heliotrope.

Because let’s face it.

After a long day at the show, you want to pamper yourself (or the person that you dragged along with you to help all day). Now you can make your skin feel amazing with natural skin, body, and hair care products made in Northern California without perfumes, parabens, or phthalates.

But how? Simply by doing the things that you would probably do anyways for any show that features your small business.


1. Invite all of your friends to the Urban Air Market event on Facebook

2. Post an image of your work on the Facebook event page to get customers excited to see you.

3. Post the Eventbrite shopper link on your wall so that your friends and fans will see it.

4. Like the Urban Air Market page on Facebook for updates.

5. Suggest to your Facebook friends that they like the Urban Air Market page, too.

6. Follow @UrbanAirMarket on Twitter and Instagram

7. Tag @UrbanAirMarket in a post on Twitter or Instagram with hashtag #urbanairmarket

We’ll be watching closely to see which vendor has the most social media activity. Winner will be announced after the Hayes Valley Fall show.


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